10 best mobile application prototyping tools for your application

In software development, prototypes are the basic working models of products and information systems. The system is built, tested, and then reprocessed as needed until an acceptable prototype is finally obtained, so that a complete system or product can be developed from it. Recently, I came across some useful prototype tools from a source. These tools have been tested as alternative Flash to PowerPoint. Here are some application prototype builders to help you choose the most suitable application for your application.

The future is here: more and more tools allow you to prototype mobile applications. Below we will look at some of these features, their capabilities and whether the tool is right for you.

1. Anxure RP Pro: Anxure is at the top. It is a very efficient UX tool that allows designers to quickly create very advanced interactive prototypes without even having to learn or understand front-end coding.

2. Justinmind prototype: This prototype is very similar to Anxure. It is difficult to say which is better, and as time goes on, these two tools will develop in parallel with each other. These tools have certain advantages over other tools. Justinmind’s vision is to provide UX designers with comprehensive tools and allow site maps and scenes to be added. Another function is to add data sets, including filtering, editing based on the data set.

3. Indigo Studio (Infragistics): If you are developing a mobile phone prototype, this software is an interesting alternative. It comes with an interface solution that makes the interface simple and easy to use, and in particular means an interactive editor, the way to add widgets to the canvas, an event timeline, a user map, a journey displaying a wireframe preview, and a brief description.

4. Sketchflow (Expression, Blend, Microsoft): This software is an alternative to anxure. This prototype is not as fast as designers have ever made their products more flexible and effective.

5. iRise: This software provides an active platform for designers, developers and stakeholders to communicate throughout the product process. This is not limited to prototyping, but it is very expensive, and because no customer has ever used it. You can use this tool to convert projects into design documents. iRise also includes a transcoder.

6. Antetype: Antetype is the first design and layout software for visual design, built by UI Designers for UI designers. It saves a lot of time for creation and optimization.

7. Appcooker: Appcooker simplifies the application creation workflow and can be immediately put into production. It is a prototyping tool on the iPad.

8. Pixate: Pixate is ideal for making complex animations or prototypes that interact for mobile applications (IOS and Android).

9. Proto.io: Proto.io is ideal for prototyping mobile devices that contain transitions and multiple states.

10. InVision: InVision is a design prototype tool. You need to upload the design and add hotspots to convert the static screen into an interactive prototype.

in conclusion:

Professional prototyping tools, such as Axure RP Pro or Justinmind Prototyper, take some time to master, but they are definitely rewarding. I am satisfied that every UX professional should consider mastering these tools. Building interactive prototypes is important to avoid the huge gap between design concepts and the final product.

The biggest pitfall when creating interactive prototypes is that ultimately it takes too much time to implement advanced features that require workarounds. These mobile application prototyping tools will be effective tools for quickly restating and creating self-explanatory design solutions without having to pay too much attention to the tools or be constrained by them.


Source by K. Brown