2 myths that may undermine startup managed IT support service providers

The managed IT services market is growing rapidly, and this growth seems to be far from over. As this growth story continues, as long as they do not become victims of two myths, more and more new market participants will win a place in tomorrow’s market.

However, due to fierce competition, there are countless managed IT support service providers who have failed to believe the wrong assumptions or myths. These myths further lead to catastrophic consequences and serious errors. Through this article, we will provide you with some of the most common misunderstandings of hosting service providers (MSP). They are here.

If we do, they will come

Basically, every startup MSP has technicians, and they don’t have so much practical experience. They may have professional knowledge. In most cases, these MSPs are opened by people who have just completed computer science or information technology engineering. They may have been the trump card of the university, but this is a completely different ball game outside the four walls of the university. Even if they are talented, they will try not to think before investing in cutting-edge technology. Sometimes, even the most advanced technology may not be supported by customers. However, before investing in such new technologies, these entrepreneurs have a basic insight: if we build this technology, they (customers) will come to get it. This is one of the biggest myths that must be debunked now. Instead, all these new players must invest in what is already there. Investing in future technology will never make any sense, because it will soon be accepted by your customers.

We do n’t need processes and people because we have the tools

This is myth 2, which is why several new MSPs stare at the barrel. Because the hosted IT service providers have a technical background, they found that the relatively simple assumption is that they can perform all operations with the help of advanced tools and do not require any labor or processes. But that is not the case. The expertise of the owner alone is not sufficient to manage a large number of customers. Therefore, for this purpose, it will be beneficial to have more and more people. In addition, there is an undeniable need for processes because they are essential for maintaining or guiding workflow.

Therefore, these are the two most important myths that every MSP must avoid to believe in order to always maintain relevance and profitability.


Source by Danial Bell