5 reasons blogs are the backbone of today’s business

All of us more or less agree with the old saying “change is the only constant.” However, in this dynamic online world, we witness this every day. As technology and resources continue to change, the content on the Internet has also become dynamic and changeable. As a user, unless you are loyal to a particular website, it is difficult to be loyal to that website.

In view of this, every company (regardless of size), entrepreneur, entrepreneur, etc. knows that owning a website is not enough. Websites with more than one billion sites on global websites cannot attract visitors by themselves. And unless you have visitors on your website, you may not be able to display the services provided. Normally, when potential customers start to use services that are useful to them, they will get benefits. Unless your website is frequently updated and active, visitors or potential customers will not find a way to access your website.

The evolution of showing a website and making it stand out has led to the creation of blogs within the website. Blogs are one of the effective options for keeping a website active. Customer behavior is constantly changing, and research shows that most buyers visit blogs / forums before purchasing products or providing services.

What is a blog?

A blog refers to frequently posting articles on your website related to the services you provide or the products you sell. As mentioned earlier, the article should focus on business provision, the industry in which the business operates and updates related to that industry or company. A blog is a medium for sharing knowledge / best practices, “how” related to products / services.

The number of blogs and the frequency of publishing each month depends on the company’s business model (B2B or B2C). When deciding the company’s business strategy, this strategy should also be considered.

After publishing an article, it is important to promote the article with your peers, followers, business partners, like-minded groups, etc. So that readers can get value from your article. Blog is a two-way communication. It encourages interaction through comments and feedback.

There are many reasons why blogs are important to any business. However, the five reasons listed below are the most important:

a) Improve visibility

Inviting visitors to your website By writing relevant content for your target audience, you can attract visitors to your website. Marketing articles in various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), social book markup sites (Reditt, StumbleUpon and Digg), and forums for active companies is the key to ensuring blog visibility. Content is king, the same applies to blogs. The quality of your content affects visitors. An influential blog with impeccable writing skills will ensure that visitors register your blog posts. Blogs will impress visitors, and if your content is useful, they will share it with others.

b) Cost-effective

Blogging is a cost-effective content marketing strategy. As long as your business is active, every blog will become your asset. This is a one-time job, but the benefits are huge. If the article is about the general theme of evergreen (for example: the benefits of outsourcing), then you will get more benefits, because the meaning of these topics will not change. Conversely, if the article deals with a specific topic (tax rate for fiscal year 2016), the content is relevant to 2016 and does not exceed this range.

c) Brand and thought leadership

The quality of the content and ideas expressed in your blog will become USP (Unique Sales Proposition) to build your brand and promote you to become a “thought leader” in your respective fields. With a large number of blogs on your website and with the help of social networking sites, you will eventually have a list of followers, and the list will only increase with the increase in years. These blogs are the ambassadors of your brand and the spokespersons of the ideas / ideas you share and spread. All of these will help you attract more customers.

d) Attract customers

Your blog is a platform where you can meet new visitors who are your potential customers and can also connect with existing customers. Regular interaction through a blog helps build stronger relationships with customers. The customer pain points / customer needs highlighted in the blog will arouse the visitor’s interest to learn more, which will trigger discussion.

Blogs give you the opportunity to better understand your customer needs and provide solutions to achieve a win-win situation. In an indirect way, it also helps transform visitors into customers who need similar products or services. The current era is an era of participation, and you must maintain a dialogue with every stakeholder around you to improve service quality and discover new business opportunities from existing customers.

e) Improve SEO

Search engines are always looking for fresh content. There is nothing better than blogging to continue to feed fresh content to the web. Frequent blogs will provide search engines with the information they need, and search engines will identify your website as a reliable website. You want to display and obtain the identified keywords, article topics, business, products or services through the search engine in the blog will be used to attract new visitors to the website.

Blogs are an essential content marketing strategy for every business. It is one of the cost-effective marketing tools for your business.


Source by Lasitha Raj