9 Attractive Business Benefits of Gmail Cloud Computing for All Your Office Productivity Needs

By using Google’s Gmail for my starting internet marketing company, the minimal and secure IT management of my 8 websites (28+ email accounts) was possible. With support for a mixed working environment that includes Microsoft, Ubuntu and MacOS, multiple browsers and Microsoft Office document file formats, Open Office is enabled and made easier with an in-the-cloud computing environment such as Gmail.

So why consider cloud computing like Google Mail for your business, especially an SME (Small Medium Business)?

In two words: security and compliance. Email security, web security, and message compliance are the underlying benefits of solid business reasons for having your email and office documents delivered through Gmail.

Compliance with security and retention requirements

Whether your organization is 1 person or thousands of people, you are faced with accounting, legal, and governmental rules and standards that dictate an acceptable level of IT security and document retention for all electronic files and emails. Gmail can help ensure compliance and provide real business benefits in streamlining your document and email management. Implementing Google Mail is simply a smart thing. Some of the advantages are:

1) Organizing and archiving (archiving) your email the way you want it.

Google uses labels as a way to store and organize your emails. You can tag an email with multiple labels. For example, an email from your accountant with tax records could be labeled as “Business Taxes”, “Accountant”, “IRS”, “Income Canada”. Gone is the limitation that you only have to choose one file folder to which you move an email.

2) Save email conversations or threads linked together.

Emails similar to cascading file folders will keep emails about the same topic (topic) together in your inbox or the multiple archived labels you’ve assigned. You don’t have to search for the email track or emails about a particular subject. They are visually displayed as a group of stacked file folders.

3) A free unlimited storage for all your email and messages forever!

With 7 gigabytes per Gmail user account and growing as of August 2008, the Google Mail slogan is ‘you never have to delete a message again’.

Takin ‘Care of Business, instead of computer or IT administration

By reducing the time you spend managing your computer storage, security, backup, and recovery, you can spend more time building your business. Manage all your email accounts completely from one or two Gmail addresses. Once set up, Gmail offers this low management environment.

4) No email is downloaded or saved on your server, desktop, laptop or PDA. This eliminates stress or fear of administration associated with:

– search for emails stored and spread across multiple client devices – some emails on your PC, some on your laptop, some on your PDA

– schedule backups of your email, contact list and documents

– recovery (and loss) of email and documents due to loss, failure or theft of client devices

– expansion of storage capacity thanks to the continued growth and retention of e-mail and documents

– external or mobile access for all your email, attachments and documents

– manage, consolidate and keep multiple email addresses and personalities intact

– off-site backup of selected files for SOHO or small businesses

Document creation, management and easy online collaboration

5) Use Gmail online Office Suite to create, manage and save your business documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Read and write Microsoft Office formatted documents and all open document variants. Securely stored with Google, eliminate HDD file storage and backup. No more MS Office licensing fees for Microsoft.

6) Save pictures and images with Picasa Web Albums. Manage your images on your PC with FREE Picasa software – crop, adjust, special effects.

7) Online chat and messaging integrated, stored and managed just like your email.

Reducing the complex email security threats to your business data

8) Google again has a very intelligent SPAM filter which checks the content of each message and therefore does not blacklist the email address randomly, but only the specific email because of the content. No emails are downloaded to your PC or an office application; so no waste of bandwidth or risk of infected emails on your hard drive.

9) Google’s antivirus control also runs outside your computer. All attachments are checked for viruses on the Google server and, if infected, immediately marked / moved to SPAM. Infected e-mail never ends up on your computer’s hard drive.

Traditional server or computer based email systems download ALL your email and send it through a spam / antivirus filter on your computer. This is a waste of bandwidth usage (spam email download) and, worse, are you exposing the added risk of spam and virus-compromised emails getting closer to your data files on your computer’s hard drives?

So why should you seriously consider using Google Mail for all your office needs?

– Full office mobility – access your email, documents, images, chat via any browser

– Access anytime, anywhere through any browser

– No backups of email, office documents or contacts required

– Manage multiple user profiles and email accounts in one convenient place

– Includes anti-spam and anti-virus control from your PC, laptop or server

– Gmail Free Unlimited file space

– Besides No Mail Administration.

Gmail is the perfect Mobile Office utility for small and medium businesses and enterprises. The Google Mail Cloud Computing environment allows you to focus on your business and growth. Implementing the Gmail in-the-cloud computing model for your email security and compliance makes a lot of sense.

Keep your head in the clouds!

Source by Carl Chesal