Accu-Check Compact – is it that easy to use?

Sometimes it’s great to appreciate the little simple things in life and if you’re living with diabetes, the Accu-Check Compact Glucometer makes testing much easier and easier to use than most glucometers on the market. With the new integrated drum technology you never have to deal with strips again.

This much simpler technology is a great convenience and can make a big difference in the life of a diabetic.

Accu-Check Compact Glucose Monitor has many simple and user-friendly features:

** It uses a 17 test drum eliminating the need for strip handling. You just press a button and the strip is automatically removed from the machine. Also provide easy strip removal after testing.

** 7 days average for your results with memory;

** Results usually in less than 8 seconds;

** You can perform an alternative site test. You can test your fingertips, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf. Palm testing seems the easiest;

** Small blood sample required. Not much bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen;

** Pocket size. Small and light – about the size of a mobile phone;

** May be the least painful lancet device. The lancing device – Softclix does not tear your skin by moving back and forth;

** Smart data management. Can download test results to your PC with Accu-check compass software or you can use infrared technology to send data to your PDA with active cable. These are extra for your Accu-Check compact machine;

** Automatic calibration, meaning the glucometer automatically codes the machine, so you don’t have to manually code the machine every time you open a new bottle of glucose meter strips;

** Adjustable Accu-Check Softclix lancet device with 11 depth settings. The higher the depth number, the deeper the lancet will penetrate the skin;

** Batteries included;

** Small carrying bag;

** Accu-Check Compact contains control solutions; user manual and also a quick guide in English and Spanish. Contains a diary to record blood sugar levels.

The Accu-Check Compact Glucometer Kit contains everything you need to test your blood glucose today:

Prices for diabetes products can often run high, and if you find it hard to pay for the comics, the price can be a hardship for diabetics.

If you have Medicare, Medicare usually pays for the strips, whether you’re taking insulin or oral diabetes medications. If you use insulin and test more than once a day, you usually get supplies for more than 90 days and are covered by Medicare. If you use oral diabetes medications, you may only be covered for a 90-day supply. You may still be eligible for a glucometer even if you are not taking any medication at all.

There are companies that bring your Medicare, ship your supplies, and bill Medicare directly for you. If you go to a large pharmacy, you usually have to pay upfront first and then send the paperwork to Medicare to get a refund.

Since the beginning, Roche’s Accu-Check has been at the forefront of developing simpler and more accurate blood glucose meters, especially the Accu-Check Compact.

The Accu-Check Compact has certainly become a favorite among thousands of diabetics because you don’t have to handle the blood sugar strips and replacing the integrated drum strips means easier testing.

The Accu-Check Compact Plus Glucometer will be available soon. The great thing about this new machine is that the Lansing device is attached to the glucometer. So you only need to test with one hand. This can be an advantage for seniors who cannot use both hands during testing because of arthritis or other diseases that can affect dexterity.

My rate on the Accu-Check Compact is an 8 out of 10 because I am not particularly satisfied with the Lancet device. The removable top seems difficult to remove for some seniors. Most seniors with arthritis eventually master this lancet device, but some don’t. Some of the other lancet devices from other companies may not have the best glucometers but have a simple and easy lancet device. Would like to see Roche make a simpler launcher for seniors.

On the other hand, the Accu-Check Compact Glucometer itself is one of the best glucose meters on the market today.

Talk to your doctor about which glucometer is best for you.

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Source by Fern Kuhn