Administrative Support Resume – Have you achieved any transfers?

It is not always easy to identify professional results for use on a resume. This is especially true if you are writing a clerical or administrative support resume, as much of the job of administrative or office support is not suitable for the kind of dramatic performance that moves mountains and launches battleships. Still, professional achievements breathe life into a resume and provide an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition.

Identifying implementations for your administrative support resume

Do you stare at glossy paper when it comes to results for a performance or administrative support resume? Try asking yourself a series of probing questions about your job that force you to think beyond the day-to-day tasks you perform. Here are some to get you started.

– Did you improve the filing system for the office? In that case, a performance may sound like: Designed and implemented an improved file management system that reduced backlogs from four days to one.

– Are you helping to start or expand an office? In that case, a performance may sound like: Established office procedures to support a 200% increase in medical staff without subsequent increase in support staff.

– Have you done anything that improved the efficiency or speed of office procedures? In that case, a performance may sound like: Developed a criminal record tracking and call back system that reduced the A / R collection period by 50%.

– Did you save your business money? In that case, a performance may sound like: Reduced insurance spending by $ 15,000 in a single year through renegotiated malpractice, health and disability insurance.

– Were you involved in the transition to something technical? In that case, a performance may sound like: Upgraded and migrated 5 office computers to a UNIX based platform.

– Did you receive training or did you start a learning experience outside your job description? In that case, a performance may sound like: Enrolled in evening university classes (labor and employment law) to better assist legal personnel in case work.

– Were you recognized for your performance? In that case, a performance may sound like: Received numerous customer comments and correspondence – as well as a company bonus – in recognition of exemplary customer service.

Your Administrative Support Resume – When talking to your next boss

Let the questions come until you have identified a number of achievements that not only look good on the resume, but speak directly to the kind of position you are applying for. If your paper is still empty after this exercise, commit to this day to begin keeping a journal of the contributions you make to your business. Remembered and recorded, professional achievements will earn you long after the initial recognition.