Advanced online shopping cart reviews

The Premium Web Cart review is a review that I have been doing for a long time, but usually when other children are running at the table, screaming and throwing food, it is difficult to pay attention to good children.

The same is true for product reviews. Negative reviews are often done before positive reviews, because there are more complaints than praises. However, although my list of negative product reviews is increasing every day, it is important that I maintain a balanced attitude and highlight good products and losers on the list.

Advanced online shopping cart review-trend setter or just strange?

The # 1 feature of Premium Web Cart is also the most difficult to explain and the most difficult concept for most people to understand. Creating unique technologies has both advantages and disadvantages, so you need to read the entire review to determine people ’s sanity on

The main advantage of being a trend leader is that you now have something that no one else has, and you get the benefit of owning the entire market alone. The disadvantage is trying to make people understand what you have and why they need something they have never seen before.

Apple has done a great job. Consider their iPhone, and since the invention, every phone has a keyboard, how revolutionary it is to become a phone without a keyboard, and then replace it all with a touch screen interface. With all really great ideas, new concepts must be explained in detail, but once people “understand”, the touch screen becomes the de facto standard for all smartphones.

The long-running keyboard as a standard interface for smartphones is now dead like a fluffy hairstyle or Sony Walkman. Both spent in the sun, but now that it has passed, it is time to move on.

Online shopping cart software revolution

With the introduction of this amazing change in product philosophy, Premium Web Cart seems to be pushing online shopping cart software in a whole new direction.

Change the traditional business thinking model: 1 website = 1 shopping cart license and 2 websites = 2 shopping cart licenses, Premium Web Cart subverts this model and changes the equation to: 1 shopping cart license = Unlimited website business.

A simple change in the equation is equivalent to a truly revolutionary way to see how to run and market an online e-commerce business.

The old pricing model meant that the license price you paid multiplied by the number of website businesses you wanted to operate. However, with Premium Web Cart, you actually divide the cost of the license by the number of websites you want to operate.

In other words, it’s like going to a large grocery store, where you pay a price and eat all the food you choose. The more you eat, the lower the cost per bite.

This is how the advanced web shopping cart works

In order to better understand how this revolutionary concept works, it is best to consider another program that incorporated the same basic concept years ago. The Microsoft Excel workbook is a perfect example because the concept of the workbook is very similar to the way PremiumWebCart creates the system.

When you open an Excel workbook, by default, there are 3 tabs at the bottom of the page, and each of these tabs represents a separate worksheet. Each worksheet has Excel appearance, form and all functions.

If you need the 4th worksheet, then just click the tab, you will get another worksheet, which has all the functions of other worksheets.

And this is the only platform provided by Premium Web Cart, which enables customers to run an unlimited number of website businesses and have the complete look, feel, and functionality necessary to truly run a separate business or product line, just like you have multiple The license is the same. The software, not just pay a license.

But wait … it will get better

Since your business management is much more expensive than software licensing, it is vital to make business management as simple as possible.

This is another huge benefit of using a system in Premium Web Cart to manage all business, because now you can manage all business functions with a single login. Switching from one company to another is actually as simple as selecting the company and clicking the tab, just like an Excel worksheet.

Advanced Online Shopping Cart Review-Membership

Membership systems like aMember and Wishlist are very popular, and for good reason. The member business model provides a predictable and stable revenue stream and provides excellent recurring revenue business. Therefore, imagine that if you have built a high-end membership system in the rest of the business systems, then your business will get powerful functions.

The Premium Web Cart membership system module is called “Members Pro”, and it has the same basic logic as the rest of the application, that is, it has the ability to “self-replicate”, so you can run an unlimited number of member websites. Brands and features are truly unique and specific to each website you maintain. Of course, the management of all these sites still needs only one login to perform.

The following are some key features of the Members Pro membership system:

  • Advanced content delivery -Fully encrypted and compatible with Amazon S3
  • Scheduled content delivery -Also called “Drip Irrigation Feed” system, because it allows you to schedule the time of content publishing to keep the members of the membership system for a longer period of time.
  • Customer level -Set up multiple levels of customers and multiple levels of scheduled content delivery.
  • Easy upgrade -1 Click to upgrade existing customers.
  • Probation -When you can provide customers with a low-cost trial period (that is, $ 1 for 14 days, then $ 49 per month.
  • Automatic payment management -Easily manage a large number of customers without paying attention to their payments. If they stop paying, they will automatically be suspended from accessing your system.
  • Click management -No installation or technical knowledge required-just “point and click” to complete.

Advanced online shopping cart review-membership system

Every top online marketer knows that a strong membership system is the lifeblood of their business. The developers of PremiumWebCart clearly know the importance of membership, because the system has all the functions in this book, as well as some functions not listed in other books, but other functions to ensure that you can easily attract, retain and manage huge Membership network.

In addition to all the basic functions required by any accessory system software, please check the included proprietary items:

  • Unlimited membership plan -Run 1, 10 or even 100 … or more affiliate programs through your single account.
  • Super membership bonus -Reward your most valuable members with automatic super member rewards-very motivating for top marketers.
  • Progressive payment system -Increase spending based on sales volume growth to motivate members to reach the next level.
  • Unlimited private redirects -Are there any members who want to redirect to the exclusive page? Using our affiliate link redirect, this is easy to achieve.
  • Simple payment system -Managing payments and actually making payments used to be a time-consuming nightmare. No longer, now you click, click, click and pay. With the Easy Pay System alone, the membership system becomes the winner.

Advanced Web Shopping Cart Review-Critical Business Module

Since simple html websites and email accounts have become the prerequisites for successful online business, the world of online business has changed a lot. Now, it takes more time to meet the basic expectations of the online shopping community, and you need to install these systems, otherwise you will be kicked out of the game.

The important thing to remember is that the system contains all the modules listed below, which can be “replicated” for many websites that are running or are scheduled to run in the future.

Instant Answer System -Do you still rely on email for business? This is one of the biggest indicators of your part-time work in a spare corner of a bedroom somewhere. If you want to look like a real company, you need to get support through a real ticketing system.

The main advantage of using a “smart” ticket system is to reduce the number of submitted tickets that need to be resolved, because the intelligent database will answer questions for you before you submit the ticket. This saves more time and actually helps increase your sales conversion rate.

project manager -If you have ever used a product like BaseCamp, then you will know very well what this is all about. If you do n’t use a project manager today to manage your internal and external company tasks, this module may be a real eye-opener for you, because it can cleanly organize and manage all your projects and make you and you Team is consistent.

Intuitive and easy to use, so your interface is much less than other project managers (just exaggerated spreadsheets), so you can get started quickly.

Live chat -Sufficient research has been conducted to prove that live chat is a proven sales driver. If you do not use a live chat system today, your sales may account for 33% to 38%.

The provided custom real-time chat module integrates multiple systems, these management systems allow you to easily manage, but only if you do not have to be 100% tied to your desk.

Click to call -On the surface, the click-to-call system seems redundant for having a phone number (especially a toll-free number) on your website. But the reality is that people hate automatic phone menus so much that they avoid calling companies just to avoid trouble pressing 1 for customer service or 2 for sales, etc.

Here, the click-to-call system will bring you more sales because people who usually do n’t call you will now use the click-to-call system to call them. This is a very powerful option that can be placed on your website, and I strongly suggest you try it.

Now this is a turning point! Traditional click-to-call systems are expensive and limited.

Premium Web Cart uses a proprietary method to provide you with the same click-to-call benefits, but routes the call request to the mobile phone or computer or any other SMS device you choose to provide you with ultimate flexibility and functionality … cost.

automatic response -Fully integrated with their own automatic reply system, or choose from Aweber or Mail Chimp. No matter which automatic answering system you choose, it can be seamlessly integrated as a cohesive product.

Suggested features -This unique and innovative system does a great job … it allows your customers to tell you exactly how to develop your product next. No more guessing and wasting valuable resources to provide features that no one wants, while depriving them of the features they most want.

The “suggest function” system uses an innovative voting system that distributes the amount of voting such as currency to ensure that the best ideas rise to the highest position, not just simply the “most loud” customers most want idea. This is true product development democracy.

Insect spot -When used with the “Suggested Function” system, it is important to have a way for customers to identify “errors” in the system or product. Although many people automatically view “errors” as software problems, all products may have one or the other error.

Bug Spotter is a very effective tool that allows your customers to find and record problems in the product so that you can continuously improve the product.

Investigation system -For webmasters, surveys are a very powerful tool because simple surveys will tell you “why” customers or visitors have taken or failed to take action on your site, not simple statistics to tell What action did you take. Unless you know “why”, you will never be able to improve the efficiency of your website and business.

The Premium Web Cart survey system takes an important step by “split testing” in its survey system. It works as follows.

You first need to create a running survey on your website and collect responses. Based on this information, you have made changes to the website and believe that it can solve the problems of the existing website.

Then, you conducted the same survey on the improved site, and the survey system will compare the data graphically, so you have a clear visual effect that can quickly indicate where the improvement works, do nothing, or may be in your Caused new problems on the site.

This split test is a powerful feature not found in other survey systems, and is indeed the key to continuous improvement of the website and sales conversion.

Advanced tracking -Similarly, how to track advertising results outside of pay-per-click (PPC)?

You will need a tool that can manage multiple traffic sources, measure conversions, and measure “events” that Google Analytics cannot. After all, it ’s just as important to measure the number of newsletters added and then evaluate the sales on this opt-in list as it is to evaluate sales generated directly from PPC ads to your sales page.

Another feature I really like is not only the ability to split the test page into another page, but also the ability to split test 5 pages in turn. This is a way to save a lot of time and is another effective strategy to increase sales conversion rates.

Advertising module -Not everyone will use this module, but if you have multiple websites and need an effective and efficient method to distribute, manage and measure banner ads across multiple sites, then this will fit your needs perfectly.

Dashboard -Unless you like to log in to the management system all day to get business updates, you will like the convenience of putting this dashboard on your desktop. Instant sales notifications and all other information needed to monitor your business are at your fingertips.

You even have a dashboard for your members so they can observe the success of your planned marketing efforts.

Gift certificate -All modern retailers provide gift certificates to prove that they are sales boosters. However, unless you have a powerful system that can truly manage and track gift certificates, you may violate the new credit card rules and at least cause unhappy customers.

The Premium Web Cart gift certificate system is a completely dedicated system that instantly makes you look like one of the “big guys” in retail. Each certificate can be fully customized, this is a real retailer dream system.

CD / DVD distributor -This convenient module will turn your digital content into a physical product that is easy to distribute through a simple auto-play function and menu system, so your customers only need to insert a CD / DVD to display the content and play it with one click. It also allows you to arrange content and display it in the desired order.

Advanced sales technology -Finding new customers is difficult and expensive, so it is essential that you sell more products to each customer you do find. Premium Web Cart is the only online shopping cart system that enables you to sell the sales system before the customer checks out, after the first checkout, or before and after checkout.

This type of up-selling system is one of its kind and is clearly the leader of the shopping cart system available today.

Automatic fulfillment -Premium Web Cart has developed a proprietary fulfillment module that is 100% automated and completely hands-free, but can actually be used with any fulfillment business of your choice (including their own fulfillment services).

When you have multiple product lines that need to be fulfilled by multiple different companies or fulfillment centers, the full functionality of this fulfillment software will become apparent.

The software allows you to set up an unlimited number of fulfillment centers and then bind specific products to specific fulfillment centers, so you can easily and automatically run multiple product lines from one or more websites.

Premium online shopping cart review-in short

The Premium Web Cart review is by far the longest review I have written for any product, for good reason-Premium Web Cart is by far the largest and heaviest 800-pound gorilla in the shopping cart space. Their slogan is “not just a shopping cart, this is a complete marketing solution.” At this point, I really need to agree with them.

Premium Web Cart is essentially a “summary” of all systems and software required for each online e-commerce business. Therefore, if you are looking for a shopping cart that can run from the shopping cart function to the entire business through marketing software, then I think you need to evaluate the Premium Web Cart.

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Source by Wendy Webbe