Advantages of archiving old emails in Outlook

Obviously, as time goes by, this stock also gets bigger. The problem is that the larger the PST file, the more time Outlook takes to perform various tasks, including downloading and opening emails. It is therefore very important that you keep the size of the main PST data file quite small so that it is manageable and Outlook can function smoothly. You can always enable Outlook for AutoArchive or you can manually divide the email messages among different PST files, so that the main PST file you use daily will remain small.

To create an archive of old and junk messages, go to the main menu in Outlook and select File -> Data Management and click ‘Add …’ Now proceed to ‘Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)’. Give this folder the correct name. If you archive your emails about every six months, it might be a good idea to name the file based on the period of time you sent or received those emails. You can choose the archive period depending on how often and how many large emails you receive. Keep in mind that you should keep the size of the resulting PST file around one or two GB as something bigger will not be efficient.

To start moving messages or other items to the newly created folder, you can simply drag and drop entire folders into this new folder. If you’ve already created an ‘Archive’ folder where you’ve moved all the old email, you can easily select, drag and drop it into the new archive file. If you haven’t sorted your email or other items in any way so far and you want to move email to your new archive file by a certain date, then you can follow these steps. Go to the main menu in Outlook and select File -> Archive. In the window that appears, highlight the folder you want to sort. Specify the date, emails previously sent will be moved to the newly created Archive PST file. Use the ‘Browse …’ function to select this PST file and perform the transfer.

You can use Outlook’s AutoArchive feature to reduce the size of your main Outlook PST file. If any of your files including main PST file or other archived such files get corrupted, you can use Advanced Outlook Repair from DataNumen for quick PST recovery. You can recover very large files and split the output PST files into more manageable files using the PST repair feature of Advanced Outlook Repair.

This way you can ensure that Outlook continues to run smoothly and error-free with the help of the archive function and with the help of Advanced Outlook Repair.

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Source by Alan Nice