Alfa Wassermann ACE – Improve patient care and your results

Chemistry analyzers are used to analyze the amount of chemicals in blood and body fluid samples and play an important role in medical laboratories and research institutions. While there are many models of these laboratory equipment on the market, the Alfa Wassermann ACE is very popular for its ability to help clinical laboratories improve patient care and their results.

This chemistry analyzer delivers accurate and consistent results in a short time. The ACE offers the benefits of a large floor model analyzer in a compact table footprint. The low cost per test and the flexibility of single and panel tests make the system perfect for any clinical laboratory environment.

Equipped with superior processing capabilities, the Ace Chemistry Analyzer is used to perform a wide range of routine sample tests for various chemistry analytes such as bilirubin, magnesium, albumin, bilirubin, creatinine, calcium, uric acid, inorganic phosphorus, urea nitrogen (bun) , glucose and iron. In addition, this laboratory device can perform analyzes for analyzes such as thyroid, therapeutic drug, lipid, electrolyte, drugs and so on.

ACE Chemistry analyzer – Impressive features

The device can process up to 165 photometric tests per hour and up to 120 potentiometric (ISE) tests per hour. It offers the possibility to use sample cups or the patented STEP ™ module. It features a real-time sample and reagent inventory management system that correctly tracks sample and reagent life, number of remaining reagent tests, expiration date, and reagent calibration frequency. Notable features of this laboratory device include

  • Built-in sample and reagent cooling option

  • Holds up to 40 test reagents and up to 75 patient samples on board at any time

  • STAT interrupt process for single or panel testing

  • Broad test options

  • Automatic repetition and dilution

  • Low costs and minimal maintenance

  • Maximum availability

  • Positive sample and reagent ID

  • Closed-tube sampling

  • On-board patient and QC data management software

  • Accurate and reliable test results (since marked test results are automatically diluted and repeated without operator intervention)

The analyzer’s patient data management software can store up to 500 patient records and 2500 requests.

Save money with a refurbished model

Leading laboratory equipment suppliers offer the ACE chemistry analyzer refurbished with 90 days parts warranty. This is a great option for laboratories with budget constraints. Finding a reliable and reputable laboratory equipment supplier is critical to purchasing a refurbished model of the Alfa Wassermann ACE chemistry analyzer. Choose a reliable laboratory equipment provider that offers excellent after-sales support, including installation, repair and maintenance services, as well as reagents, controls and consumables.

Source by Jeremy Linder