All about Google Merchent Center

What is Google Merchent Center?

Google Merchant Center is a new service that makes it easy to upload and manage the product listings you want to see in Google Product Search, AdWords, and other Google properties.

In the past, you may have used Google Base to upload and manage product listings. Google Base is still available for other types of structured content, but the Google Merchant Center provides a better, optimized experience specifically for merchants. Merchant Center is where we continue to add features and improve the tools for uploading and managing product listings.

What does Google Merchant Center do?

The Google Merchant Center is for those who want to submit products and sell them through Google. It’s called Google Base. Google Merchant Center is the place where you upload feeds, check item status, and get information on how good your listings are. Your products uploaded to the Google Merchant Center feed the searches that other people do for products they want to buy. For example, suppose someone wants to buy dog ​​toys. From the Google homepage and click on “Shopping”, they will see a page as in the first screen. Once you have typed “dog toys” in the search box and hit Enter, they will be taken to a summary page.

Google Base still exists, but Google Merchant Center is optimized for product listings, and this is where Google will concentrate on adding features and enhancing the tools needed to upload and manage product listings. If you’ve already used Google Base to list products, your existing data feeds, FTP settings, and other items will still be there. Your account has already been transferred to the Google Merchant Center, and you sign in using the same account you used on Google Base. For most users, the download will be transparent. However, a small fraction of users have uploaded product listings and other items on Google Base. They will need to sign in to Google Base to create new FTP settings in order to upload non-product feeds to Google Base.

The Google Merchant Center has a new dashboard page that lists your product listings, feeds, and graphics, making them more accessible than before. If you sell goods through the Google Merchant Center, Google Checkout is the secure web application that allows you to process orders which include tasks such as credit card charging, carrier specification and tracking of numbers, cancellation or refund of orders, review of payment history. and updating Google Checkout settings.

To process orders in the Google Merchant Center, you must log in, review the order and charge the buyer’s credit card. Google will then approve 100% of the order quantity. You must charge the order within seven calendar days to be guaranteed the funds. When the order is charged, you automatically start the checkout process. You must submit the order within a specific time frame that you accepted when you confirmed an order to be eligible for the Google Checkout Payment Guarantee. You notify the buyer that their order has been shipped. There are ways to automate order management using the Google Checkout API.

If you sell services or goods that do not need to be physically shipped, select the order “sent” to send the buyer a confirmation email. Some transactions involving digital goods may not be covered by the Google Checkout Payment Guarantee Policy.

When processing orders, Google automatically uses fraud risk modeling to alert them to potential fraudulent transactions. If a fraudulent transaction is detected, it is immediately canceled. To protect you and other Google resellers, active orders from the same fake credit card are canceled. The Google Merchant also uses industry sources such as worldwide fraud scams to prevent fraudulent customers from using Google Checkout in the first place. For example, if Google Detects any suspicious activity related to one of your orders, marks the order with “ongoing customer review” status, and performs order tracking fraud testing to keep your risk as low as possible. Google usually finishes their reviews in four to six hours.

As a Google Merchant, you can review credit verification information for each order you receive. You just log in to Google Checkout, click on the order you are interested in your “orders” field. At that point, buyer credentials information will appear under buyer’s shipping information, including whether the transaction is covered by the payment guarantee, address verification system check, card verification value, or CVV, and the account age shows how long the buyer has been eligible to purchase through Google Checkout. If you are concerned about an order, you have the option of canceling it to avoid the risk of a fake transaction.

Google Merchant Fees vary from the dollar amount for monthly sales and are reset every month on 5th. For monthly sales under $ 3,000, the fee is 2.9% + 30 cents / transaction. For sales between $ 3,000 and $ 9,999.99, the fee is 2.5% + 30 cents / transaction. For $ 10,000 to $ 99,999.99 per Monthly, the fee is 2.2% + 30 cents / transaction, and for sales over $ 100,000 per month. Monthly fees are 1.9% + 30 cents / transaction. Orders sent to buyers in a country other than the retailer’s country will also have an additional processing fee of 1%.

If you plan to sell apps in the Android phone market, your transaction fee is 30% of the application price. In other words, if you sell your app for $ 10.00, your transaction fee is $ 3.00 and your payment will be $ 7.00.

The Google Merchant Center is a response to those who want to sell products through Google Products searches. This can be a real sales booster for those who have stores online at places like Etsy. The Google Merchant Center is now split from Google Base to make online product searches more fruitful and online sales easier for merchants and customers.