Are you starting to panic?

Ladies, the simple truth is that there is no quick fix. Everyone responds at different speeds, it depends on your metabolism, how much weight you need to lose, your consistency, your dedication and your self-discipline. Living a healthy active lifestyle is not a quick fix. It is a long lasting permanent cycle that you have to work on every day. The only way to get comfortable with this swimsuit is to combine weight training, cardiovascular training and clean eating habits. This is the MOST effective way to lose fat and a toned physique.

We gain an average of 1 pound of body weight and lose a third to a half kilogram of muscle each year after age 25. This doesn’t have to be YOU; You can reverse this by starting a new way of life, which includes clean eating, cardiovascular training and resistance training. All three are important components of the country with lovely bodies. Aerobic or cardiovascular training burns fat during the session, while anaerobic or weight training burns fat after the session. Resistance training also boosts your metabolism by restoring muscle tissue. Just one kilo of muscle burns 30-50 calories per day. Today (can you imagine the calories Arnold burned just carry around his mass frame?) While a pound of fat only burns about 3 calories per day. Day.

No need to worry about getting Huge neither ladies. It takes large amounts of testosterone to stack big muscles, and women simply do not produce the necessary amounts to become BIG. So, let go of the worry that you will look like a man. If you really think about it, Bodybuilders didn’t start with a little fragile Monday Monday, go to the gym 4 times that week and wake up the following Monday morning Mammoth !! You want to see your muscles grow and when you are doing well with muscle growth you can simply just maintain from that point on. In other words, you will not grow into the incredible hulk overnight, it takes years of heavy lifting and testosterone to achieve that look, and I promise you that you will see the gains along the way.

Follow these rules and see your physics transformation

  1. Lift weights and don’t be afraid to go heavy. Resistance training changes the shape of the body
  2. Perform Cardio, don’t sit on a machine for an hour, blast it as hard as you can at intervals. 20-30 seconds at an intense pace followed by a 60-90 second recovery, follow this cycle for 20-30 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise helps with the fat loss process while keeping the heart and lungs healthy.
  3. Eat a clean diet. Nutrition is 80% of the puzzle; If you want to see drastic results, pay attention to your eating.
  4. Get your rest! Don’t be fooled into thinking that MER is better when it comes to training. Your body changes while it is at rest! Get your zzz’s