Artificial intelligence in the sales force

According to John McCarthy, father of artificial intelligence, an AI is “the science and design of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent PC programs”.

Artificial intelligence is a way to make a computer robot or software think intelligently the same way as an intelligent human thinker. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines “think like humans”.

AI has a huge effect on your life. Whether you are aware or not, it has already affected your lifestyle and it is very likely that they will grow in the years to come.

Here are some examples of AI that you already use in your daily life:

• Your Personal Assistant Siri – It is an intelligent digital personal assistant on various platforms (Windows, Android and iOS). It gives you a help every time you ask for it using your voice.

• Smart cars – Google’s self-driving car and Tesla’s “auto-pilot” feature are two examples of artificial intelligence.

• Featured Products or Buy Prediction – Big dealers like Amazon, recommend you the products, send coupons to you, offer discounts, target ads based on the shopping you previously had with a predictable analytics algorithm.

• Music and Movie Recommendation Services – Pandora and Netflix recommend music and movies based on the interest you have expressed and reviews you have made in the past.

Other simple examples of AI that affect our daily lives are:

– Facebook provides recommended photo codes using face recognition.

– Amazon provides recommended products using machine learning algorithms.

– Waze (a GPS and Maps app) optimal routes, all with the click of a button.

– Spotify knows my music preferences and puts together personal playlists for me.

According to Marc Benioff, AI will affect the corporate world, employees will be faster, smarter and more productive. It learns from the data. Ultimately, it will understand what customers want before they even know it, and it can be a game changer in the CRM industry.

Salesforce already bought productivity and learning machines for learning relatedIQ, Metamind and Tempo AI in 2014.

AI (artificial intelligence) In sales force, it’s not about time-traveling robots trying to kill us, or evil machines using humans as batteries in giant factories. Here we are not talking about some summer blockbusters, we are talking about the sales force AI that will make your daily experience smarter by embedding daily predictable intelligence into your apps.

So what is AI?

AI is not killer robots; it is the killer technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept of having machines “think like humans” – in other words, perform tasks such as reasoning, planning, learning and understanding languages.

Customer-focused AI: Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce focuses on creating a platform for solving customer problems across Sales, Service, Marketing and IT in a whole new way with Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce Einstein is built into the core of the Salesforce platform. It allows anyone to use clicks or code to create AI-powered apps.

With Salesforce Einstein we can answer these types of questions:

– Are you sure you serve your clients with the right client?

– Are you sure your customers are getting services on the right channel?

– Is it correct to say that you are offering the right product to the right customer at the right time?

– Is it correct to say that you are using the right channel to market your products at the perfect time with the best substance?

Salesforce Einstein is your data scientist

Einstein is like having your own data scientist dedicated to bringing AI to any customer relationship. It learns from all your data – CRM data, email, calendar, social, ERP and IoT – and delivers predictions and recommendations in the context of what you are trying to do.

AI has the ability to transform CRM using Salesforce Einstein

– Sellers can spend more time visiting customers, not by entering data into CRM.

– Sellers are better able to understand customer needs and when they need them.

– Sellers can finish deals faster by predicting the next step for each customer.

– A service agent could suggest a solution to the customer even before I asked for it.

– Service agent can offer cross sales at the right time to the right customer.

– Marketing user can easily reach the right customer at the right time.

– Marketing user knows who can be the best audience for each campaign.

– He can easily identify customer needs so that he delivers the perfect content to any customer.

Salesforce Einstein gives everyone the opportunity to discover new ways, predict results, then help make decisions, recommend next steps and automate most of your business so you can spend most of your time building a strong relationship with customers rather than making records in the system.

What will AI give me that I didn’t already have?

Predictable Score -Pictictive lead score gives each sales lead a score that represents the probability that it will convert to an opportunity. You also get the reasons

behind the score – for example, the lead source, industry or other factor is a particularly strong indicator that a customer will or will not convert.

Forecasting -AI can also be used to predict the future value of something, such as a stock portfolio or a real estate investment. If you are a sales manager, AI can predict your quarterly orders and tell you in advance whether or not your team is on track to meet its quota.

Recommendations – Anyone who shops online knows that AI makes retail purchase suggestions, but it can also provide smart recommendations for any other product or service category from business software to tax consultant to cargo container. And AI can also recommend things other than products – for example, which white paper you should email a customer to optimize your chance of concluding a deal.

Who can use AI in the business

Anyone in the organization can easily use AI to analyze their data, predict and plan next steps and automate their tasks and decisions. With Einstein’s comprehensive AI for CRM:

• Sales can anticipate the next opportunities and exceed customer expectations by knowing what a customer needs before the customer does

• Service can provide proactive service by anticipating cases and solving problems before they become problems

• Marketing can create predictable travel and personalize customer experiences like never before

• IT can integrate intelligence everywhere and create smarter apps for employees and customers

What is machine learning

Machine learning is the core driver for AI. It’s the concept of having computers to learn from data with minimal programming.