Automatic backup

Automatic backup is the latest way to fully protect critical computer data in the information age. Automatic Backup is available on all versions of Vista except Home Basic. The advantage of an automatic backup is that the user does not have to remember to backup or stop what they are currently doing to run the backup with backup software.


Backups can be set every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Backups can be compressed and encrypted to provide privacy and minimal storage requirements. Backup jobs can be run manually or scheduled to run automatically once or regularly. Backup scheduling is a process or term that means that special time is allocated when a backup operation must take place. This allows you to compare the source with the destination before making a backup. Then you know which files to back up, which files to restore and which files to delete.


Files can be stored on any local hard or removable disk, anywhere on the LAN and even on a remote FTP server. Files will be restored with the original file name, folder path, and Download now dates. Then you know which files to back up, which files to restore and which files to delete.

The security of the software and the reliability of the data center make critical files and data immune to data destruction or weakening. This means that the vaulted files will be kept safe forever even in the event of a major disaster such as a fire, tornado, hurricane or flood. It backs up your data files to another folder, disk or computer over the network.


Some other software can help you preformat it, such as DirectCD and InCD. Automatic backup software securely transports critical computer data to a remote data center where files are neatly tucked away from prying eyes. You can use the automatic backup software to manually or automatically back up valuable data on your system. If the date changes (the new day arrives or the computer date is changed), this software will immediately generate the backup task list for today according to the project’s settings.


Backup is for short term storage; archiving is a long term. Backup is a simple, secure online backup service for home PC users, students, home office users, mobile managers, and more. Backup is always aware of new data on your PC. Backup is easy to set up and use and requires little or no user intervention after installation.