Benefits that fit your bill!

Employees are always attracted with benefits. These benefits are very creative, offered by companies and vary from company to company. Jack got attractive offerings in another business and thought about leaving the current organization. His friends advised him to stay back in the business as the benefits are more and the future of the company is promising. I analyzed and stayed back with the current company.

Calculating Benefits: To complete projects on time, many organizations offer attractive benefits for employees to motivate them. Many companies offer benefits apart from cash rewards. Company products are sold to employees at a great discount. Transportation, medical insurance, phone bills, food vouchers are such benefits offered to employees to retain and motivate them to perform. Some companies offer free movie tickets and also picnics to entertain the employees. These are indirect benefits and are not included in your salary. If you want to leave a company, you have to think about all these benefits, whether you receive the same type of benefits in another company or lose.

Cash Bonus: It was revealed in a study that offering cash rewards companies is a good decision that helps retain employees. CEOs of 1,400 companies said cash rewards will prevent employees from changing company frequently. These cash rewards are offered after completing a project successfully and during festivals to retain employees. This will help employees streamline their financial planning. The study revealed that employees like cash benefits. This will motivate them to do better. Employees are attracted to other companies where these types of benefits are not offered.

Offering lunch: Some companies offer lunch to inculcate cordial relationships among employees. Even small businesses follow this policy. To complete projects on time, employees must spend extra hours in the office. Companies offer breakfast for meals to such employees to work extra hours. This will help to know the opinions of the employees. This will increase team spirit and harmonious relationships between employees.

Welcome with cash rewards: Employees are welcome with cash rewards along with payroll with enthusiasm. Some companies follow this policy. Instead of having employees wait years for bonuses, companies immediately offer bonuses when they sign up. This will help employees give their best. Sometimes companies also share profits among employees.

Many employees these days are very intelligent, and the first question they ask, even in the telephone interview, is ‘How much is the salary’? This kind of attitude will keep you away from the potential recruiters. Assess your job market and business needs before asking for a hefty pay package. Your attitude should be reflected in your presentation and performance, not in asking for more pay.