Big Data Analytics: Shaping the Future of Youth


What is Big Data?

“Big Data” is a term you should become familiar with if you see trends in the IT field. “Big Data” is exactly what the name suggests: data consisting of volumes larger than 1 petabyte or 1 million gigabytes. This data is stored on servers and produces different results using different analysis techniques based on user needs. Because of its huge volume, this needs to be manipulated using specific techniques that are the area of ​​expertise of big data analytics professionals.

Big data analytics is about how you store that huge amount of data and how you process them to make sense of it to draw conclusions and make the right business decisions. It can help organizations better understand the information contained in the data to drive their business goals.


Big data analytics can help different sectors like the banking, media, insurance or telecommunications industries keep track of their business performance. It can also help improve transport facilities in different cities. Many cities use the analytics to maximize the efficiency of their transport networks. It can also help to get maximum results from the education system. The analysis has an application in almost every field you can think of.


There is a huge demand for big data analytics in many different industries. These massive data sets require special handling through the use of newer technologies so that the right conclusions can be drawn from the data. Companies are now handling more and more data daily, and there is a great demand for professionals who understand how to manipulate this data. A study of IT trends shows that there is huge growth in data analytics, whether it is structured or unstructured data. It also provides job opportunities and career benefits for young people. Multinational companies have invested huge sums of money in data management and analytics, which has increased the number of opportunities for people in big data analytics. There are many recognized universities and colleges that provide a course for big data analysis. Young people today have different opportunities to shape their careers in analytics based on their interests. Data scientists are in high demand these days due to the modernization of traditional technologies in the world of data analytics.


There are a number of choices for someone who wants to pursue a career as a data analyst. There are many requirements for handling this data and jobs abound in this field. Some job titles include:



Analytics business consultant

Analytics architect

solution Architect

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

Metric and analytical specialist

Analytics Associate