Biography: Elliott Hornblass

The name Elliott Hornblass could be pretty common in London as he is the CEO of Millenium Capital Partners for LLP. He was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where I received his degree in architecture. He currently holds the position of a portfolio manager with a major in credit-related strategies and the leaders of all London trades. Meanwhile, he also holds on to the board of directors for several of the millennial-related companies, one of which is KCPS.

Before joining Millennium in 2005, I worked in Cross Asset Management. During this working period, Mr. founded and managed Mr. The Hornblass project by the Cross Credit Fund, the European long or short fund of $ 200 mm. He had several work experiences based in London, New York and Hong Kong for seven years with the Solomon Brothers at various interest rates.

Elliott Hornblass was a man of great courage. He quit his job at Schroder Salomon Smith Barneys, also known as the SSSB of the European high team to construct and pave his own fund management career. He gave up his high position as head of the high-yield European syndicate, even though he has up to six years of relationship with the company. He then postponed setting up the fund venture with a former colleague, Joe Manheim. This man was also a manager of the distressed portfolio of Salomon Smith Barney, but he left the firm to become a capital market adviser.

Both of these amazing men built a European debt market with the US asset manager, Swarthmore Group. As it is based in Philadelphia, it is called Swarthmore Europe. This fund by Mr. Hornblass and his part will have two finds, one the broader credit fund and the other the European high-yield bonds. He claimed that he saw an incredible pool of opportunities in the European high-interest sector and that he already had some investors from the United States expecting to get involved. So basically, his new venture has been backed by the United States. His journey with the SSSB team was an incredible two years and he established something high as one of the top insurers after a gradual slow rise in his job. His resignation has led to his replacement being replaced by Paul Young, the co-chair of the high-quality US syndicate in the SSSB.