BKF Repair by Resolving Error – “An inconsistency has occurred on the requested media”

Anyone who works on a computer system all day understands the importance of database backup files. We create backup files (BKF) to ensure data availability during data loss or inaccessibility crisis.

This is the reason why we always make sure that our BKF files are kept safe and sound. To ensure our data is safe, Microsoft provides NTBackup utility with Windows NT (Windows Server 2003, XP and Server 2000) to ensure the users have the freedom to create BKF files to back up up their vital data.

The NTBackup or NTBackup.exe is a backup tool included with MS-Windows and used to backup selected data. The thus created BKF files can be recovered whenever the user needs it.

However, sometimes these BKF files get corrupt which makes the situation miserable for the user. When you turn to your backup files, this is the time when you need the data at all costs. And in such situation, it is important to use eminent BKF repair tool to perform bkf repair and get your data immediately.

To understand this situation clearly, you should consider a real-time situation when you are running on a Windows Server 2003 system that you want to format. To do this, you back up the data on a medium. After you finish formatting and start reinstalling the data using BKF file, you will be prompted by an error message that says:

“Error: an inconsistency was found on the requested media”

This error message indicates that the storage medium that you are using can be mounted and that you cannot recover the data that you saved in the BKF file. Another reason behind the corruption can be that BKF file has become corrupt. There can be a number of reasons behind BKF corruption, but just to remember a few, corruption can be due to malicious virus, human errors, CRC errors, application termination during backup process or incomplete backup up due to interruption, power failure, voltage fluctuations resulting in an abrupt termination of the application, etc.

If you are backing up to multiple tape media, we recommend that you restore a single backup set at a time. This might solve the problem. Sometimes storing a backup on multiple tape sets also leads to corruption. However, if restoring one backup set at a time also doesn’t help when restoring the data, it means that your BKF file is damaged. In certain situations, the data you need is what is most important and so you should rely on the best BKF recovery software available in the market.

While searching for BKF file recovery software online, you may come across some bkf recovery software, but bkf recovery software can help you recover corrupt BKF file so you can recover your vital data with ease. This is a read-only tool, so you can repair backup files without damaging the integrity of the data stored in the file.