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As loving memory of Hypatia Kelly-Butt.

“Although we never had the chance to meet in person, there was energetic a deep bond of trust between us that enabled you to take me with you through your past and present realities. For me, it will always be a place of honor and respect. . I send you love and gratitude that you have lived as long as you needed to put our mark on our collective consciousness. May you bask in the glow of eternal love and light and perhaps your heart can recognize unbridled joy through eternity. “

One unique thing about working with energy systems is that we who practice telephones have the opportunity to meet and work with a number of people without the benefit of seeing them in person. These non-visual connections (unless you use a web cam) are very heavily based on trust and energetic synergy. Hypatia initially called me to work with her on a serious health issue. She was a very capable woman who had exceptional sensitivity and intelligence. Among her many accomplishments, Hypatia had degrees in anthropology and architecture and was also a Vedic astrologer. In recent years, through what she called a “spiritual epiphany,” she eventually became an EFT practitioner. Although our focus was on her health challenges, one result of our work together was that it opened the channels for the creativity she felt she had lost and she began writing again after a long period.

During this period, Hypatia was also an active member of Rue Hass’s mentoring program, and was selected by Rue to be a program manager who introduced her new tapping technology, “Boomerang Tapping”, at the upcoming Tappers Gathering. Hypatia was honored and enthusiastic, but unfortunately she could not stay here long enough to experience her contribution to the EFT world. In honor of Hypatia, I am proud to pay her gift to the EFT community and present her creative twist on surrogate interception.

In her words; “The boomerang taping technique extends the power of surrogate interception. I think that by tapping as another person and giving them the right emotions that are held, a field of compassion opens. The potential for deep understanding expands and genuine sharing of the release of misunderstanding can be realized by everyone. “

I see this technique as an energetic form of role-playing that has the potential to be a very powerful interpersonal relationship. I also see it being effectively used by marriage and family council leaders incorporating EFT into their client sessions, but certainly the use of boomeranging is unlimited. To the best of my ability and with all due respect to Hypatia, I will describe my knowledge and understanding of how I use it. Hypatia further described her technique as “reverse surrogate withdrawal technique” which means tapping as if you were another surrogate tapping you. In other words, talking on your own behalf once removed and talking to yourself from within the “looking glass” – which is useful for emotional blockages and perhaps another way to get past psychological relapse.

The applications are, of course, countless, and while I am in awe of how complicated our subconscious is, I think tapping boomerang will be helpful in addressing certain “parts” of ourselves that cannot speak our own truth, parts that feel more comfortable helping other people rather than ourselves – the list and need goes on and on. If these subconscious protective tools are put in place from traumatic experiences of the past, in the natural development of energetic healing, they will no longer serve you. In fact, these developed parts of ourselves serve to stifle emotional growth and development by perpetuating a fear-based reality. Also, this technique can have a profound effect on professionals with deep and subtle shame for not being able to help themselves, yet still likely to quietly reflect on their own behavior from another person’s perspective. (see my article on “Professional Resistance”).

In fact, meeting our full potential can be achieved even faster with this extra extension of self-help. It’s a new way for us to work around our own blocks and discover our own blind spots. The essence of the technique is to imagine that you are another person and that person is knocking on you and your problems or problems. The surrogate taps once removed, allowing your inner fantasy free reign to project back to you the insight hidden by your blind spots.

Hypatia’s original discovery setup using the Boomerang technique came out of an annoying moment as she felt stuck while trying to clear a negative memory. After several rounds of tapping, Hypatia threw the energetic boomerang toward her dog, Ruga, who served as her benign and loving spectator and who had just given her the “you are my most loved person in the world” with her expressive eyes. . As with surrogate interception, she mentally stepped behind Ruga’s eyes and “became” her, then herself, as she thought Ruga saw her. Using this type of energetic distancing, she quickly cleared her subject much to her surprise.

Put phrase: “I am Ruga and although my mother is sad, she is the most beloved person in the world right now by me”.

Reminder phrase; “I love mom more than anything else in this world”.

According to Hypatia, the SUDs fell for complete diffusion, which she called “magic.” In essence, she felt the love and acceptance she needed through her dog, the love that she could not connect personally and emotionally. At least I think that’s part of what happened.

While this may seem like just surrogate interception, it seems to be the dual understanding of energetic manipulation that comes back as your own “borrowed benefits” – and that seems to be the differentiating factor. It is worth further experimentation, and I look forward to hearing from those of you who are trying this new twist on self-help.

Boomerang … be ready to catch it when it returns to you.