Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – The business continuity and disaster recovery plan

Essentially, the plan focuses on the who, what, where, why, and when of recovery. The number one goal is to reduce the company’s risk profile. Goal two is to be well prepared so that the impact of any disruption is kept to a minimum. In general, the goal of the plan is to effectively minimize the likelihood of disruption and, if there is disruption, speed up the recovery and get the business or organization back to work. The “why” is to maximize business continuity and minimize asset damage. Ultimately, the goal is to protect the organization from the main risks identified and to effectively implement recovery strategies.

The “what” is a clear, detailed, but focused business continuity and disaster recovery plan that provides a successful roadmap to minimize business disruptions and maximize business continuity.

The “who” refers to the teams. The recovery effort is targeted through teams. While the Emergency Management Team is the leader of the recovery efforts, other teams can include IT, telecommunications, facilities and power, customer relations, public relations, billing, customer service, and human resources.

The “where” is, of course, the company facilities, but it is also other alternate locations, the location of all employees, and the ability to find and interact with employees. The effective organization and deployment of employees is the most fundamental condition for successful recovery.

And finally there is the question “when”. Unfortunately, hackers, hurricanes, fires and other risks rarely follow our agenda. The “when” we can control is the “when” of lowering the company’s risk profile by implementing solutions before the problem develops. Of course, “when” also has to do with the priorities of the recovery. These would hopefully be present as a result of selecting effective strategies.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can get you there. The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan is the roadmap to get you to your destination to minimize risk, mitigate damage, and reduce your risk profile.