Casting Director Agreement (Independent Contractor) for successful film directing

The Casting Director Agreement (Independent Contractor) is entered into by the casting director and the film studio. The main feature of the agreement is to show the employment relationship of both parties. The agreement stipulates that the hired personnel is an independent contractor and cannot be agreed as an employee of the studio.

The basic feature of the agreement contains provisions applicable to both parties, such as the nature of the service, compensation, method of payment, conditions, duties and responsibilities, ownership of the work, credits, office and resources offered to the director. .

Since the casting executive is hired as the independent contractor, the agreement also has features of the independent contractor agreement including party contact details, pay for work, credits, nondisclosure clause, benefits, dispute resolution clauses, termination clause for both parties. Additional points such as advance notice of termination of employment, holiday pay, allowances and other details are also included in the contract.

In America, few states require certain provisions to be enshrined in the agreement and these include:

Nature of payments: The management staff may be compensated by salary, wages or commission, as agreed by the studio or producer. The wages can be for the time (hour / day), for a completed part of the project or the hiring director, a monthly advance can be paid, with or without costs.

Termination clause: The termination clause applies to both parties and the termination of the activities must be announced in advance.

The agreement also assists the studio / producer of the film and director to understand their roles and responsibilities, which facilitates smooth completion of production.

There are many online sites that offer the Casting Director Agreement (Independent Contractor) templates that can be downloaded and printed to enter into the agreement.

Source by Subodh Maheshwari