Collect-IT Overview-AR Credit Collections Software

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Collect-IT is an account receivable and credit collection software that can help you manage your account receivables more effectively and collect them according to customer invoices, so you can get paid faster. It shortens the AR collection cycle through features such as automated workflow, programmatic messages, detailed task lists, and calendar management.

Written video overview:

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Dynavistics ’Collect-IT is an account receivable and collection management software designed to help you get paid faster and answer the question“ Where is my money? ”.

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So why is this important to you?

Profitable companies may go bankrupt. Just because your income statement shows profits, your company may still be at risk.

If you wait until 90 days to start collecting money, then you have lost 26% of your accounts receivable. After 9 months, 90% of the invoice cannot be recovered. Therefore, good collection management is essential.

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So why is it so difficult for you to collect accounts receivable and ensure positive cash flow?

-ERP cannot answer the following questions: “ABC company pays on time? If not, when will they say they want to pay? Will they pay when they say they want?”

-In many cases, the payee does not have a repeatable process, so collection work is more reactive than active work. They have no easy way to grasp the next steps and when to take action

-Letters must be created for each touch point and sent manually

-Managers cannot understand what actions have been taken to try to collect or how much effort has been put in

These problems lead to excessive costs and bad debts.

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How can Collect-IT help?

-Your ERP account receivable data has been integrated and used, so Collect-IT acts as an extension of the ERP account receivable module

-Customizable strategies can be set, including action status, performance tracking and on-demand call list development.

-Automated workflow through programmed emails, detailed task lists and the latest calendar to minimize collection time.

-Detailed reports enable you to understand the measures you have taken and determine the risk areas for bad debts.

The end result is reduced costs, increased cash flow and reduced bad debts.

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Here are a few screenshots to introduce how it works.

Users can view their tasks in list view or calendar view to know what action items need to be taken.

Dashboard view with drill-down capability provides accurate, real-time information about the status of collections