Corruption in USN Journal or NTFS log file can damage NTFS volume and cause severe data loss

The USN Journal (or Update Sequence Number Journal) is a new feature introduced with NTFS v3.0. dat is responsible for keeping track of all changes that occur to the files, streams and folders present on the NTFS volume. It also records changes to their attributes or security settings. The ‘$ Logfile’ is another functionality added to the NTFS file system. It is basically an NTFS log file used to record meta changes to the NTFS volume. If these files get corrupted or contain invalid records for any reason, it can lead to corruption of the NTFS volume. If the corrupted volume is your boot volume, it can make your system unbootable which would further result in the loss of all essential data stored on your system. In order to get back your lost data from corrupt NTFS volume, you need to perform Windows partition recovery through a reliable third party utility.

For example, you are using a computer running Windows 2000. When trying to access your NTFS file system-based volume, you may encounter one of the following error messages:

“The disk structure is damaged and unreadable”


“There is not enough space on the disk.”

If the damaged volume is your startup volume, you may also receive an error when restarting your computer:

“stop 0x0000007B (0x00000000, 0xC0000032, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Inaccessible_boot_device “


The $ UsnJrnl file or $ LogFile file contains some invalid records.

The STOP error makes your system unbootable and prevents you from accessing the precious data stored in the system. In such situations, you can use a backup to restore partition data. If you don’t have a backup, follow the solution steps below.


Follow these steps to fix the STOP error:

Use a Windows XP operating system CD and reboot your Windows 2000 system to the recovery console.

Click ‘Run’ in the ‘Start’ menu and type ‘Chkdsk.exe / r’

Click on ‘OK’ and restart your system.

However, if the ‘Chkdsk’ tool is unable to detect the errors and you cannot access your NTFS volume, then you should enlist the help of an efficient Partition recovery software. This software can easily recover lost, deleted or formatted data from corrupt NTFS, FAT or exFAT file system partitions.

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