Cost reduction for telecom via TEM

Telecom cost management is an excellent way to streamline our communications bills and costs. While staying connected to others is very important to every company and individual, the accounts that result from this connection can be overwhelming to many. We all want more services with little cost. The quality and availability of telecommunications services are the most important requirements of all consumers, but not at a higher cost. So the strategy for both individuals and companies is to have the best services, but keep the costs of telecom very low. This is where telecom cost management plays a role.

Telecom Expense Management or TEM is an essential tool used in organizations to ensure that telecom services are the only paid services. TEM works to identify all lines on a specified account and assess their usage or idleness. According to the TEM policy, all inactive or unused connections must be removed to reduce monthly telecom bills. In other words, TEM practices guarantee the wise use of all valuable resources to get the best value for your money.

When you have an effective TEM, you can look forward to reducing the cost of your communication accounts. Through TEM, you identify your existing telecom systems, assess your telecommunications needs, and make adjustments and changes where possible to meet the needs of telecom assets. This will help reduce the bills significantly. Below are four methods to reduce your telecommunication costs:

1. Lost connection to idle and unused phones

This TEM guideline suggests that phones that are no longer in use or remain idle should be disconnected immediately. Whenever an employee leaves or leaves the organization, their phone must also be disconnected.

2. Manage the roaming activities

When a user or employee has to travel to foreign destinations, their phone automatically finds a data service and gives a signal. In this scenario, roaming costs are charged for this type of use. So if you plan travel and phone use with your service provider before your trip, they can negotiate lower costs.

3. To recycle

Getting rid of all old and unused equipment is a very effective method of TEM. You can donate these rules to others, move them to different offices, recycle them or completely destroy them. All services used on this hardware must also be terminated.

4. Don’t pay too much:

If you have services that you don’t use or are more than you need, according to TEM principles, you should take a closer look at your needs and adjust the service allocation accordingly.

There are many Telecom expense management solutions available in the world. The most popular such as the IBM Emptoris Rivermine have a design that allows the companies to reduce their telecom costs through the active and effective management of the communication lifecycle. The automation of this process makes identification of unused or unnecessary equipment and connections quick and easy, helping to streamline telecom costs efficiently.

Source by M. Naveed