Data Analytics Certification: Your Key to Building a Successful Career as a Data Analyst


Today’s world is described as data-driven because it generates massive amounts of data in a variety of industries on a regular basis. In the current highly competitive scenario, access to it is fundamental for companies to have enough information that provides a competitive advantage over others. There is an unprecedented demand for skilled professionals to handle the enormous amount. You can learn how to extract valuable information and improve a company’s ROI by taking a wide variety of analytical certification courses.

Today’s direction of business has made IT experts indispensable and today’s market leaders must be adept at collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data and turning it into valuable insights.


Certification is the best way to make the transition to an ongoing career. Certifications are considered a testament to the skill and expertise you have gained and are a reliable, accepted standard in this hi-tech world. Certifications are fast and realistic “crash courses” to gain the necessary expertise compared to obtaining an advanced degree or diploma.

Taking certification certification courses can help you expand your job prospects and advance your career. This certification is not only beneficial for the short term, but also offers long-term benefits. After learning the tricks of big data and analysis, it will help you make a financially productive career switch.

The best part of undergoing analysis certification is that it is applicable in any industry sector as all sectors have become aware of the need to apply big data methodologies and techniques. These courses are also available online, so you can now learn as you earn, expand your career, and increase your job prospects.


The following certifications listed are most preferred for data analysis certifications:

1) CCA data analyst

2) CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

3) CCP: Data Engineer

4) Certified Analytics Professional

5) SAS certified big data professional

6) SAS certified data scientist

7) IBM Certified Data Architect

8) IBM Certified Data Engineer

9) CCA administrator

10) MCSE: data management and analysis


Taking a data analysis certification course has become vital for those looking to enhance their career in big data and analytics. One has to have the expertise and passion to deal with numbers, because working with huge amounts of data is an extremely complex task; it is almost equivalent to solving a mystery using evidence. Data Analytics professionals use the data to conduct data mining, discover relationships between different types of data, test previous decisions and make predictions.

Choose a certification course that suits your career aspirations. Numerous career paths are available after undergoing data analysis certification such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Administrator etc.

Source by Shalini Madhav