Data Loss Due to ‘Ivconvert’ And Linux Data Recovery Solution

Although the Linux operating system is considered to be highly advanced and updated most frequently, data loss situations in Linux systems still occur, resulting in loss or unavailability of important data. In such situations, if you have another copy of your data, only you can be relieved. Among many other techniques to protect your data, hard disk mirroring is one such technique through which you may be able to create an exact copy of your hard drive. ‘Ivconvert’ is a built-in Linux operating system tool designed to convert the linear logical hard disk volume to an exact or mirror logical volume. But be careful that failure to handle the process carefully can cause the hard drive to fail and data loss. Under such a condition, you must take the help of all Linux recovery software to recover your lost or inaccessible data.

A letter about ‘Ivconvert’:

‘Ivconvert’ is a native Linux operating system application that helps you convert your liner Linux OS-based hard disk volume to a logical mirror volume that can be used in case you encounter any instance of data loss situation. You can also use this command-line tool to add or remove disk logs from the newly created mirror devices. Below are some of the most common parameters to perform some specific tasks:

-R, –region size MirrorLogRegionSize- This option allows you to divide the mirror disk into multiple regions of defined size in megabytes.

-m, – mirrors mirrors- This is a more advanced option that allows you to specify the degree of the mirror disk you want to create. Note that “-m 1″ here means ”

original Linux volume to be converted to a single copy of the logical mirror volume with a linear volume.

–corelog- This is an option that instructs the tool to use an in-memory log instead of a disk-based log.

-s, –snapshot- This option allows you to create snapshots of an existing volume using a different volume that has the same origin.

-Z, –zero y / n- This setting defines the reset of the first KB of information in the snapshot taken. However, if the volume is set to read-only, then

snapshot cannot be reset.

It is always safe to back up all your important data before trying to convert your Linux volume to a mirror, as if the conversion process with ‘Ivconvert’ has stopped in the middle, it could lead to data loss / unavailability. However, if you have not backed up or are unable to recover data from the backup, you can use any Linux recovery software to recover your seemingly lost data.

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