Data Science – A New Career Dimension

There are currently many certification courses on the market. But one of the things that creates a lot of buzz is Data Science courses and certification. Now it’s a relatively new idea.

So let’s first shed light on this newly found science.


Every day, different tech companies collect lots of data and store them in storage frames. Where does this come from? As mentioned by IBM, they come from various internal and external data sources of particular concern.

Internal sources:

  • Log data

  • E-mails

  • transactions

External sources:

  • Pictures and videos

  • audios

  • Social Media

Eg. Flipkart manages to grab huge amounts of big data on a daily basis. People log into their website or mobile app and start searching for things. People can be from different locations and demographics. They might buy some or just shop in the window. If they buy, they pay with a specific payment method. Now all this data from multiple customers is stored. And then the work starts on sorting and finding meaningful insight from here.

And data science is just that by finding conclusions from the complex unstructured data using science tools and algorithms.

Data is extracted when extracted, the result of data product used to bring value to a business. Knowing what are your customer’s preferences, purchase patterns and payment patterns; one can create customer satisfaction and retention.


It can be used in several different fields. Like e-commerce, medical and public health, defense, entertainment. It helps grow its business and find solutions to complex problems.

It is created by testing and processing the data, distributing it in production systems. Business value not only comes from data and algorithms, you also need to know how to leverage the data product to create highly valued propaganda.


Data scientists play a key role in the development of the data product. They work on the technical development of the data product, which is further used in strategic decision making. However, the question arises how to become a data scientist and what all the specifications are needed to be one.

In general, to be a data scientist you need to have mathematical skills, as using the data to find solutions to problems is a quantitative task. Secondly, one must have technological knowledge, in order to extract meaningful data from raw information one must use various complex tools such as python, SQL, R, SAS, Java, Scala, etc. And finally one must have skills in business strategy. Business acumen is needed to apply these data results in a consistent way to real-world business problems.

If you want to be a data scientist, having business skills is as important as having technology skills. Otherwise you only have many conclusions, but do not know when and how to apply them. One can find a plethora of certification courses and training to become certified as a data scientist. You need to consider and choose the best one.