Debt Collection Software | Jainam Software

Jainam Software provides debt collection software for small and medium-sized enterprises, and collects on-site staff through mobile devices. This customized debt collection software includes customer management, customer list allocation for debt collection, accounts receivable management, credit / risk management, customer relationship management, analysis, reporting, and workflow automation solutions with integrated payment processing.
Jainam Software is a proven, advanced software solution that has been used by hundreds of collection companies and financial institutions worldwide. Jainam Software is perfect for almost any practice, whether you manage 2 or 2 million loans. Jainam Software debt collection software has unique flexibility and is designed to be user-friendly. It is very easy to train new users, and provides an easy-to-use comprehensive solution for the credit and collection industry, leading this trend. Jainam software is built on a cloud with mobile integration for on-site collection. The debt management software is highly customizable and can provide many automations and interfaces to maximize the time of the payee.
The Jainam debt collection solution is suitable for SMEs with templates and can help you get paid faster. Through debt collection, you can say the appropriate words through text messages, emails or calls to customers who owe you so that you will not fall into the debt collection process. There is another feature that allows you to research new customers in order to accurately understand who is going to do business.