Decision support system – brief information

The plan for a DSS or decision support system is very broad and its significance varies depending on the author’s point of view. A decision support system could take a lot of different forms and the term can be used in many different ways.

In a more precise way, it could be defined as:

“A flexible, interactive and adaptable compute-based information system, especially designed to help solve a non-structured management problem for improved decision-making. It uses data, provides a user-friendly interface, and allows for the decision-maker’s own opinions.”

Decision support systems are computer-based help for management decision makers dealing with semi-structured problems. With admiration for the computer event, it could be defined as: “Interactive computer-based systems that help decision makers use models and data to solve unstructured problems.”

However, it is not possible to provide an accurate definition including the facets of DSS. However, the term DSS remains an inclusive and useful term for a wide variety of information systems to aid in decision making. Every time a computer system is not an OLTP or Online Transaction Processing System, someone will be convinced to call it a decision support system. As can be seen that there is no universally accepted significance of the decision support system. In addition, a DSS is also a detailed software program that helps to study data contained in a database. This move towards customers is used when addressing customer habits and target markets.


There are hypothetical possibilities for constructing such systems in some area of ​​knowledge. One of the cases is clinical DSS for medical analysis. Other examples include a bank loan officer who checks the credit of an applicant or an engineering firm that has bids on a few projects and likes to know if they could be competitive with their expenses.

A perfect example is the CNR or Canadian National Railway system, which often examines its equipment using a DSS. One problem that every railroad experiences is defective or worn rails, which can result in a lot of derailments annually. During a DSS, CN succeeded in reducing its occurrence at the same time as other companies saw an increase.

DSS has a lot of applications that have been talked about. Nevertheless, it can be used in any field where organization is required. In addition, a DSS could be designed to help make stock market decisions or make a decision on which segment or area to market a product to. The Decision Support System has unlimited options that can be used anytime and anywhere for its decision needs.