Difference between recovering corrupted and deleted files

Data recovery is something that is gaining importance in recent years, and the reason for this is none other than the increase in the number of data loss cases. Although data recovery software is almost everywhere on the web, certain users have not yet been able to understand the exact concept of data recovery. This has led people to download the wrong recovery program, people to try out free utilities that are not much use in recovering deleted and lost data. There is another concept that is less understood, related to data loss and data corruption, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

There is a world of difference when it comes to data loss and data corruption and this must be well understood by the user for data recovery to be a success. Corruption of a file or folder basically means that the data in the file or folder has been partially corrupted, or part of the file or folder has disappeared for many reasons, similar to the ones that cause data loss. Recovery of damaged file is extremely difficult and therefore data recovery software in such situation does not make sense, for example, it makes no sense to recover part of video file or image file as viewing partially recovered video is not just impossible but no use and looking at a photo that is half restored will have the same effect.

Data loss, on the other hand, refers to loss or deletion of the entire file. This situation is very common on both Windows and Mac OS X, and hence user can recover deleted files on Mac with the help of good Mac recovery software and the same can be done on Windows with the help of good Windows recovery tool. Data loss applies to images and hence photo recovery on OS X can be made possible by using a good photo recovery tool that can recover photos deleted and lost.

The user must first determine whether the affected file has been deleted, lost or damaged. If the data loss occurred due to corruption, he should make sure to contact a data recovery expert to check if there are any chances to recover the data or if he is facing data loss due to loss or removal. of files, then he may choose to download data recovery software.