Drake P3 – A behavioral profiling tool that would complement any Human Resources Toolkit

Drake P3 is a psychometric assessment and behavioral profiling tool designed to help organizations assess and select the best candidates for each position they are hiring for, improving communication within an organization, optimizing individual performance and improving of team effectiveness.

Some of the key benefits of using the Drake P3 system are:

  • Better recruitment decisions – the behavioral data Drake P3 collects from candidates enables recruiting managers to make more insightful recruiting decisions
  • Improved employee productivity – Drake P3 helps managers and supervisors identify key employee behavioral strengths and challenges so they can ensure their strengths are fully utilized for the benefit of the organization and their challenges are addressed through training, development and coaching
  • Reduced staff turnover – as the majority of staff turnover originates from the recruitment process, as Drake P3 enables more enlightened recruitment decisions, it has a positive effect on the staff turnover of an organization

The benefits of the Drake P3 system also extend to job applicants and current employees, who both gain greater insight into their own behavior and into the types of roles that suggest their behavioral profiles. This helps to set realistic expectations and also to outline development routes for candidates and employees who are ‘almost’ ideal for a position for which they are applying or seeking.

Drake P3 profiling process

The Drake P3 profiling process is simple, straightforward and quick to complete. It includes the completion of a communication or candidate survey (depending on whether the person completing it is a current employee or an applicant), which is a self-report adjective questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes and is the source of the data for the resulting Communication / Candidate Profile that is at the heart of the Drake P3 behavioral profiling system.

The Communication / Candidate Profile reports on the unique combination of five fundamental behavioral dimensions of an individual:

  • Domination
  • Extraversion
  • Patience
  • Compliance
  • Accuracy

In particular, the profile reports on an individual’s aptitude for each individual behavioral dimension or trait – identifying his or her “high traits” and “low traits”, providing in-depth insights into how a person is likely to perform in a certain role, working with others, leading executives, as well as the degree of flexibility he or she can manage in each of those five areas of behavior, among others.

And the Drake P3 system does it all in plain English.

Drake P3 is a good addition to the Human Resources Toolkit

The Drake P3 system – unlike other psychometric assessment systems such as the DISC personality test and profile system – is a great way to achieve some key HR goals – effectively and efficiently.

As such, the Drake P3 system should be considered in addition to any organization’s HR toolkit.

Source by DA Barber