Entourage Recovery when the main window is blank

Can’t view and access your precious data from your Microsoft Entourage account after deleting thousands of unread emails? Does Entourage show a completely empty main window or dashboard when you open your account? Well, this problem can occur for various reasons including database corruption and leads to data loss. To fix such problems, Entourage repair solutions take hours.

As a practical example of this problem, you may not see your emails, notes, tasks, diary and contacts in the main Entourage window. Everything is shown blank. No emails, no folders, no action icons, and no preview window is displayed. At this point, all your valuable data will become unusable and you will encounter data loss problems. In such situations, Entourage recovery solutions are a great help.

This problem most often occurs after an incorrect shutdown of the Entourage application. When you close the email client using the shutdown method, it cannot open the database the next time it starts. Furthermore, you cannot see the emails or other items; application will continue to download the emails from your account.


You may encounter this Microsoft Entourage behavior due to a damaged or corrupt database. The corruption can occur due to improper application shutdown and various other reasons ranging from virus infection to database structure corruption.


To resolve this issue, use one of the following Entourage database recovery methods:

  • Restore from backup– If you have an Entourage database archive in a RGE file, you can easily import it into your account and restore the Entourage database in a few easy steps.
  • Rebuild corrupt identity-If the backup is not updated, rebuild the damaged identity using the Database Utility utility. It works in a number of corruption scenarios.
  • Entourage Recovery Software– If none of the above methods work, use third party Entourage repair software to repair Entourage database.

Microsoft Entourage recovery applications are specially designed to perform a thorough scan of all data and get all inaccessible items out of your account. Such Entourage repair software works in all corruption cases.

Source by Subhash Choudhary