Entourage Repair to fix “Not enough memory” in Microsoft Entourage

Can’t access your Entourage Inbox, the Drafts folder, the Deleted Items folder, and one of your Inbox subfolders? You get memory errors when opening items from your database. This behavior makes all your precious data inaccessible and leads to serious data loss. At this point, you should opt for Entourage repair solutions to get back your precious data.

In a practical example of this problem with your email client, you may encounter the below error message while opening data-

Entourage was unable to open the item because of an error. Not enough memory. “

This behavior makes all your precious data inaccessible. To restore the Entourage database in such cases, you need to find the cause of this problem and fix it with the right solutions.

Root of the problem

Unfortunately, the above error is not caused by memory problems. This is actually a misdescription of a generic error, which can be caused by a number of other things, such as-

  • If you get this error while receiving emails, it could be due to a corrupt message.
  • The fonts are defective or damaged.
  • Your Mac RAM (read-only memory) is low or damaged.
  • Entourage database is corrupt or unrecognizable.


  • Log into your account with a web browser and remove the damaged items.
  • Install new fonts or remove the defective fonts.
  • Replace or upgrade your Macintosh RAM.
  • Restore your database from the most recent backup. We recommend that you restore the Entourage database from a backup only if it has been updated.

If you are unable to perform Entourage database recovery using any of the above methods then you should opt for Entourage recovery software to get your data back. Entourage repair software can retrieve inaccessible data in all data loss situations.

Source by Subhash Choudhary