Entourage repair when you cannot add or edit contacts in the address book

Can’t edit or save a contact in the Microsoft Entourage address book? Do you find missing contacts in the Entourage address book when you open an Entourage account? Well, this behavior usually indicates database corruption. It can sometimes even make the contact list inaccessible. At this point, you need to perform Entourage repair by rebuilding the affected database.

Failure to add or change contacts in the address book is one of the most common database corruption symptoms. Corruption can occur for a wide variety of reasons, including virus infection, unexpected system shutdown, operating system failure, and missing preferences.

Corruption is a condition where Microsoft Entourage cannot recognize the database and you cannot access your important data. All items, including emails, notes, tasks, contacts and projects become unusable. It causes a glitch in the general operations of the email client.


There are two possible solutions you can try in such situations:

  • Restore from backup If you have a valid backup of the Entourage database, try to restore it. You can easily import the backup into your account with Import option below File menu.
  • Rebuild If no backup is available, use Database Utility to rebuild the database. You can launch this built-in tool by pressing and holding the button Option key when starting Entourage application. There must be enough disk space to ensure the success of this Entourage recovery process.

Although rebuilding works in a number of corruption scenarios, it cannot effectively deal with serious damage. In such cases, the Entourage database repair tools will come to your rescue.

The Entourage third party repair software can fix all corruption issues. They restore Entourage database in a safe and easy way with read-only Entourage database recovery and an interactive graphical user interface.

Source by Subhash Choudhary