Entourage Restore database and application rights using Disk Utility

Mac OS X operating system contains preferences for each application, including Microsoft Entourage. The preferences are used by the operating system and user to define who has the rights to read, write and update the data and application settings. Sometimes corruption of the preferences can make your Entourage database inaccessible and lead to Entourage repair solutions.

If your Entourage account and database become inaccessible due to corrupted preferences, you can try to restore the preferences using Apple’s Disk Utility. Follow the steps below to restore preferences in Mac OS X-

  • Launch Disk Utility from the Utility folder under Applications.
  • Click the First Aid tab and then choose Restore Permissions
  • Click to select the boot volume icon.
  • Click the Restore Permissions button.

You are advised not to run the restore rights from the Mac OS X operating system installation disc. The updates usually include the latest version of the repair permissions. You must run the Repair Permissions tool from the host volume.

Always keep in mind that restoring the application preferences can solve the problems only for the application. It cannot repair Entourage database if there is corruption. To restore the Entourage database, you must rebuild it with Database Utility.

If your precious data remains inaccessible even after rebuilding, you should opt for third party Entourage recovery programs. Specifically, Entourage database recovery software is designed to perform a thorough scan of the entire database and extract all inaccessible data.

Microsoft Entourage recovery software is equipped with simple and rich graphical user interface for easy Mac Entourage recovery. They maintain the absolute integrity of your precious data through their read-only and non-destructive design.

Source by Subhash Choudhary