Error 1415 When Recovering iPod

A very important role of iTunes acts as an interface between your computer and an iPod. Often when we connect the two, errors appear on the screen. Most of these errors can be easily solved, but in this way we lose all the data stored in iTunes. This includes all the songs that were stored on it, as well as other things like videos, podcasts, playlists, etc. Contrary to a common misconception, all this data can be retrieved using an iPod recovery software.

A common example of this type of problem is when you connect to the system and iTunes freezes or yours gets locked. Almost all iPod errors can be resolved by restoring iTunes. This step is also not without problems. Often, when you try to recover, you get into trouble. As in the above case, you receive the following error message when you connect to the system to recover it:

“An unknown error has occurred 1415”

These issues usually occur when you try to restore / update an iPod using a version of iTunes that is not the current version. To resolve this issue, try the following steps:

– Reconnect to iTunes, and then try to restore it again.

– Restart the computer, and then try to recover again.

– Disable and enable disk usage and then restore it.

– Change the connection point (use a different USB port), and then try to restore it.

– Make sure that the only USB connected to the computer.

– Update / restore the Windows USB drive.

– Genregistrer.dll files in Windows.

Once you have been able to recover successfully, you can use an iPod recovery software to recover data. It is used to scan the hard drive and then recover any data that has been deleted or lost. This software can be downloaded from the Internet.