Faticide continued!

I think the concept of Faticide is worth expanding. In fact, I think it should become part of our lexicon. Faticide is a word I made. It means intentional killing of myself and / or another human being by consuming, activating and condoning excess fat. There may be deliberate, first degree Faticide. There may be involuntary fat slaughter. You get the point.

I think it is criminal for a community to passively ignore the health of its citizenship. I think it is criminal for the government, health care and medical profession to control obesity as a medical problem and then ignore its responsibility in leading the fight to cure obesity. I think it is criminal for the school system to ignore obese children. I think it is criminal for the insurance industry to ignore its own statistics and not help the greats solve their problems. The list goes on. The institutions mentioned here are obvious and easy to choose from. The real list includes everyone who comes into contact with obese people, adults and children who activate or avoid their problems!

Faticide, deliberate or unintentional, is something that can no longer be ignored.

I don’t seem to blame others, even if I did, so I can feel myself righteous in my guilt. I am 62 years old, and I have also passively seen the fattening of Americans and its children.

I write in this provocative, hopefully humorous way to get your attention and eventually publicly do my part to suggest ways to end this preventable tragedy in killing both our vulnerable and our economy.

People, much wiser than I, have been researching the benefits and harms of nutritious and non-nutritious foods and liquids. They have studied hormones, metabolism, exercise and stress relief. Smart, truthful information is readily available, “BuT” is often ignored. We prioritize all sorts of things to capture our attention elsewhere, as we take well-being for granted when we respond only to actual predictable illness when it becomes too painful or too expensive to ignore.

Remove excuses! Develop a Positive Life Plan! So “live” your way! Show cover. I am now expanding the concept to declare the importance of getting our heads out of your “fat but” and eliminating faticide!

Until now, fat was a problem we ignored essentially. We gave tacit approval to tackle it as a problem “BuT” never really went to war on fat.

I propose that this is a domestic war to be fought on local soil. It requires an educated army of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, citizens, young and old, grandparents, teachers, all who come into contact with food and armed with information about what is healthy and what not to support others. , when we volunteer for wellness .. It should be OK to talk about healthy eating and draw attention to all the unhealthy, Faticide, “BuT” tasty trash being served. Let the prepareers of the unhealthy crap eat it if they so choose. We do not choose to advise others not to do so.

We have laws that assure that bartenders can no longer serve the buzzed and drunk. We have campaigns that say friends don’t let friends run full. However, we have no promotions that teach each other how to eat well.

I don’t want Twinkie Police or Soda taxes. People want to do what they have to do. We saw what the ban achieved. I want Wellness Awareness to be sold off Madison Avenue as they sell fat!

I think it’s time to set up a nationwide wellness campaign to feed ourselves, each other and the world of healthy foods. I choose healthy!

We can make American food the safest, cleanest, most nutritious and accessible food in the world and sell it cheaply to anyone in need, all over the world. We have the ability, just not the will.

No More Fat doesn’t have to be a fictitious pill. It can become a slogan for wellness.

We want wellness! No more fat! We want wellness! No more fat!

Serve wellness, then they come. Do not, and you will activate Faticide and then blame the victims!