Fibonacci and the secrets of human connection

Although the show “Touch” is a fictional work, I have found some incredible parallels with the world around us. The Fibonacci sequence is a seemingly random sequence of numbers that perfectly matches the golden ratio. If you’ve never heard of the golden ratio, that’s fine. I am only interested in the effect it can have on the human connection. This number series always refers to the ratio of 1: 1.618, the ratio that determines the attractiveness in the human face and human body. The ratio of the curves in a cochlea. This ratio is also directly related to the angles and design of the pyramids. How can a relationship so common in so many things help us connect with people?

People search, sometimes they don’t know what they’re looking for. When people are looking for something, it is important that we understand it. In network marketing, we need to build as many people as possible among us. The idea of ​​building a network of people we don’t even know will definitely NOT work. It took a while, but I finally discovered the secret.

What a person should do when chasing a new recruit is taking some time and learning more about the person. I recommend a first contact that you introduce to them and them to you. In this meeting you can mention your network option but make the meeting about it. There is nothing more important than that person you are getting to know at that moment! I recommend learning five important facts about their lives. The facts can vary, but I recommend what they do for a living, how many children they have if they have them, what their goals are, what their retirement plans are, and where they last went.

Armed with those 5 facts, you can now take the time to plan your next meeting. There is a great template that can be used and it is called the 8 question. The 8 question closing is a series of questions you can use to almost certainly bring someone on board. However, there is more to it than just words. You need to get to know the person and the reality that building from the bottom up is a much better structure for network marketing.

So where does the Fibonacci range fit into this network marketing plan? Ok 1 meeting to make your first contact and find out your five facts. At the second meeting, you give them the information they need to make an informed decision. The next part is your eighth question, and this can be done during a three-way conversation with a more experienced upline member.

So …

  1. 1 Introduction

  2. 1 provide information

  3. 2 meetings

  4. 3-way call follow-up with recruit and an up-line member

  5. 5 facts you share with your upline to make the call more personal

  6. 8 questions that bring the person into the company

Using the Fibonacci range builds a plan that can be used systematically to grow your business. Focus on one person a week and really get to know them. We need to connect with the people we will be working with. If we don’t connect to them, they will stop and start over. It is important to duplicate this method over and over again and teach it to your downline. the next important thing is that as you recruit more people, you can reward others who try by placing new recruits directly below them.

Bookmark this article and read it often, no matter which network marketing business you are in, this method may work for you too!

Source by Paul Harvie