Filestream Corruption in SQL – A Phenomenal SQL Database Recovery Solution!

The process of storing and managing unstructured data was poor before SQL Server 2008 was released.

Previous approaches to storing unstructured data

Prior to the release of SQL 2008, there were two methods for storing unstructured data. One method was to store data in a column VARBINARY or IMAGE. This had transaction consistency and also reduced data management complexities, but it was performance related. The second approach was to store unstructured data as disk files and to store file locations in the table along with some structured data associated with them. This approach was good in terms of performance, but did not ensure transaction consistency.

FILESTREAM function – Effective storage of unstructured data

The FILESTREAM feature was introduced with SQL Server 2008 for efficient storage and management of unstructured data. This feature allows the storage of BLOB data (such as word documents, music file, image files, videos, etc.) in the NTFS file system. It ensures transaction consistency between the unstructured data (stored in NTFS) and the structured data (stored in table).

FILESTREAM Corruption – Error 7904

Sometimes when you try to recover MS SQL 2008 database (MDF files) from backups in the transaction log, the database gets corrupted. You fail to perform restoration and thus MDF files become inaccessible, resulting in data loss. Under such a problem, you may encounter error: “FILESTREAM corruption – missing files, error 7904.” At that point, if you want to regain access to your mission-critical MDF files, you must perform the SQL database recovery process using an appropriate MDF file recovery resolution.

The original database cannot be damaged

The database was damaged when you tried to recover the database from transaction log backups, but in most cases the original database from which the backup was taken is not damaged. In most of these cases, the database is corrupted and recovered from a number of backup logs. The original database may not be corrupt. “7904 16 2 Table error: FILESTRWEAM file for” FileID “was not found.” You can get your valuable data back using a fine SQL Database Recovery Solution to recover corrupt SQL database contents from corrupt MDF files.

A phenomenal SQL database recovery solution

SysTool’s SQL recovery tool is perhaps the easiest and most effective tool to recover SQL database available around. This MDF file recovery software performs a comprehensive scan of corrupted databases to recover all database elements such as tables, reports, forms, triggers, stored procedures, etc. If you choose to repair SQL DB and restore the corrupt SQL database using SysTools SQL Recovery, tool, you will be gifted with a very simple interface that does not require you to have prior technical skills to perform the SQL recovery process. The software also has a read-only nature that helps recover the original contents of the SQL database. In short, SysTools SQL Recovery software is a phenomenal SQL Database Recovery Solution.