Fix “Memory card error” message in Pentax Optio S40

Pentax Optio S40 is a four megapixel digital camera that comes with several features including thoughtful design, high portability, user-friendly operation and function customization. The camera uses SD (Secure Digital) or MMC (Multi Media Card) to store all multimedia files created with this camera. Corruption or damage to these digital media cards is a common problem that most photographers face. The main consequence of memory card corruption is inaccessibility of data stored on memory card. To avoid the dangers that arise from damage to the memory card, most photographers keep an adequate backup of their data (preferably on other storage media). However, there is always a chance that photographers will forget to make a valid backup or that the other storage media will be damaged. In such cases, data from damaged media card can be recovered using advanced photo recovery software.

Consider a practical scenario, taking photos with your Pentax Optio S40 digital camera. The camera turns off unexpectedly due to a dead battery and you get the error below the next time you turn on the camera and try to view all the photos:

“Memory card error”

After the above error message appears, the data stored on the memory card becomes inaccessible. The same error message appears every time you try to view the records that are stored in the database.


The main cause of the above error message is damage to the memory card due to improper shutdown of the camera.


To resolve the above error message, you need to format the card in the camera using the steps below:

1. Select Size from the Setup menu.

2. Press the four-way controller to select Format.

3. Press OK to start the format process.

Once the formatting process is complete, the error message will not be displayed. But the formatting process will also delete all previously saved data on the memory card. To recover those formatted data, you need powerful photo recovery software. These applications can fully recover deleted photos by using powerful scanning methods.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a powerful third-party tool that recovers maximum data after any data loss scenario. The highly interactive user documentation that comes with the software enables the photographers to recover deleted photos with ease. The read-only software is compatible with Macintosh and Windows operating systems.