Flash Player support for your iPhone or iPad

Adobe’s Flash player is one of the most widely used tools, designed to deliver audio, video and animation on the web. However, they currently do not support the Flash player on the iPhone or iPad, but this is caused by the change, which has greatly attracted Apple fans.

The market for creating dynamic content for desktop web viewers has been dominated by Adobe Flash. Many Internet sites use Flash Player by displaying their own online catalogs, Web presentations, data, etc. In addition, some live sports game score sites also use Flash to update the live game scoreboard and circulate the game on the Internet. Because Apple mobile devices lack support for Flash players on Safari, owners may miss some other high-quality content that can be accessed by owners of various other smartphones and tablets.

So why does Apple still not necessarily support the idea of ​​installing Flash on its mobile devices? Some people will assume that this is caused by competition between Apple and Adobe, while others imply that developers will lose revenue share due to content and games developed by novice Flash players, but Apple ’s official position is simple-The Using Flash or Flash player on the device will cause serious battery drain and consume a lot of resources. They hope to invent a computer device that can be used directly, and can be easily used in diverse markets. As a result, Flash simply does not meet their technical requirements.

On the other hand, Adobe claims that Apple is unwilling to get together on various occasions, and Adobe actually has to declare on its own iPhone Flash website-“Obviously, Adobe hopes that Flash Player 10.1 can be used on the iPhone and with the support of Apple, we It ’s ready for this work. ”Adobe has also mentioned before that they usually receive three million requests from iPad and iPhone owners every month, and they want to produce players for their devices.

For companies like Apple, not supporting the use of Flash on their iPhone or iPad systems is a major move, mainly because a large number of Internet sites are using the technology, and it is uncertain whether broadband will increase rapidly as broadband improves Data transfer rate and monthly allowance. Initially, it will take some time to launch a website that uses Flash. However, now you will almost never notice this change, and in most cases, you will not actually realize that you are viewing a Flash-based website or web application.

Apple also has fierce competition with many other tablet and smartphone manufacturers. They almost all support Flash Player on their systems, whether they run Windows or Android operating systems. They must also consider huge user-based Internet sites like Facebook, and how often they play online games for free, which are all driven by Flash. As Internet usage has risen and mobile devices have taken the market by storm, you may find that many people who buy an iPad or iPhone find themselves unable to enjoy their favorite online entertainment and usually feel disappointed away from playing games on their home computer.

Safari ’s Flash still has a long way to go, because it has not made any statement about whether Apple will include it in the device, but hope is not completely lost, because they recently announced that they will release a free Flash player. Purchase an iPhone through its application store, which can be used to run Flash-based software. Although you still ca n’t use Flash while browsing the web, it is likely that you will also release a fully functional Flash player for web browsing.


Source by Michelle Hopkins