FlightProSim – A deep look

Since I was very young I have always been interested in aviation. Just the thought of being able to fly like the birds was exciting. So, in the late 80s and early 90s, when the home PC was introduced, simulation software came out where you could actually fly! Back then, it seemed like such a cool instrument. Even with low resolution video cards, the excitement was there. As computers and videography became better, I spent countless amounts of money buying flight simulation software. Some were good and others were just awful. Microsoft seemed to dominate the flight simulation software market, and their graphics of both aircraft and scenery as each new version was introduced was second to none.

Today, with massive processor speed and gigabytes of video graphic memory, it is perfectly normal to use advanced graphics software to get the most out of your simulation experience.

This brings us to FlightProSim. I figured it was just another simulator with okay graphics and a few plans to fly. Boy was I wrong!

graphics: This flight simulator uses the most updated open GL. This 3D rendering technology and Light Dynamics that really deliver to “true to life“on screen experience. The creators really made an effort to make sure the simulations were realistic. From the planes themselves, to the cockpit and scenery, you would think of looking at your screen that you are actually looking out the cockpit window. Included with the interface you can link with Google Maps for a completely different “live“See. With this feature you can see the country below like never before in a flight simulator. Have multiple screens or screens? Set up your simulator to operate multiple screens at once. For example … the control panel on your center screen and cockpit windows for right and left. Maybe you have more than one computer. In that case, you can network them together and get a “surround“viewing for a real SIM feel. No other program has these unique features plus much more!

AIRPLANES: There are over 100 different planes, helicopters and gliders to choose from. This includes private, commercial, military, helicopters and gliders. You can choose anywhere from the 1903 Wright Flyer, Bailey Dragonfly ultralight, Cessna 182RG, a B-52F Stratofortress and Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter. You can even pilot the shuttle! Each aircraft is an EXACT copy of the original, not just in physical appearance, but each has different options and handles differently for a unique flying experience. Inside the cockpit you will find each control panel and flywheel or stick reproduced in exact detail to the original. You can use your keyboard or joystick for controls. You can change specifications for plans that fit your needs. Want more speed out of your Cessna? Put on a faster engine. Want different weapons on your F-16? Add better weapons. Customization is just a click away.

SCENERY AND AVIATION: How would you like to fly right over your house or explore the Grand Canyon? Or maybe a quick tour of London. FlightProSim makes it possible anywhere in the world! Every area of ​​the world map is demographically accurate down to the smallest details. This also includes airports. There are 20,000 airports from all over the world. From the largest international airports to private landing strips, each airport is set up identical to the original. All the markings and lighting look like you really were in this place using Light Dynamics Modeling.

REAL TIME COORDINATION: You can also coordinate the application to use “real time“from anywhere in the world. If you choose to start from Sydney Australia at 6:30 am, the sun will just rise. And while you’re on the run, the sun will move over time. So when you land in London at dusk, the sun is just about to go down and the stars and the moon are appearing in their proper places and again, moving accurately in real time, and also calculating exact dates with time, for example, if it is June 4, 2011, the sun will travel say and sit according to the exact movement of the sun. Plus, if the moon is half, crescent or full, the program knows and displays real, accurate images. This coordination of “real time“also includes the weather. If you choose an airport that has snow or thunderstorms,”real time“The weather will be integrated into the simulator. You do not need to use this feature if you do not want to. You can choose your own weather, time and date if you choose. This simulator has unlimited options for hours after hours of enjoyment.

OTHER FEATURES: What else can you do with this simulator? Why not try landing on an airline? Or call for a fuel aircraft if you are low on fuel. Join the network and connect with other Internet pilots. If you are new to flying, there is a full instructional school. Do you have flight experience or used flight simulators in the past? Then you can use the advanced settings to set the malfunction plane to test your highly developed pilot properties. How would you like to create your own plan or design image? With FlightProSim, your mind’s eye is just a click away from reality.