Free Inventory Management Software in Excel-Inventory Spreadsheet Template

The list spreadsheet can be downloaded for free from

If you are in the business of buying products from suppliers and selling to customers, this free inventory and sales manager Excel template is suitable for managing inventory and sales. This template will help to understand the inventory level of each product (inventory management) and understand the products to be reordered.

In addition, you can quickly view purchase / sale patterns and the best performing products over a period of time.

More advanced version of the template-https: //

• Enter and manage up to 2000 different products
• Set up custom reorder points for each product
• Simple and easy to use data input
• Understand the current inventory (inventory) level of each product
• Identify the product to be reordered
• Know whether the sales order can be fulfilled
• Easily understand sales and purchase patterns (monthly and cumulative)
• Quickly view your major customers and suppliers
• Identify the best performing product
• Understand how different product categories promote sales
• Easily retrieve and view your order details

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