Free school management software for easy data management and communication within the school

Managing and guiding the activities of an educational institution is no easy task. Initially, each school had a huge office space with hundreds of employees engaged in the daily data update activities. This was a tedious task. The data and student information are stored in files that are locked in a separate room. Finding the information about a student from this huge data collection took a lot of time and effort. In addition, there was no way to compare performance and day to a student’s activities. This is where the school management software helps. Well-constructed and infallible school management software is an asset to any school.

The main functions of school management software are to monitor the daily activities of the school. It makes collecting, storing and retrieving data easier and faster. There are options to save student data in a simple format. It is more convenient than the traditional file system. If the information about a student is needed, we just need to find the details with the student’s name or admission number. This system also saves a lot of space. The details that the whole setting can be stored on a single disk.

Another important feature of our school management software is that it allows interaction between different organizational levels in the school.

  • Interaction between students and teachers
  • Interaction between teachers and parents
  • Interaction between admin and staff
  • Interaction between staff and parents

This reduces the time of communication and action. The system allows a username and password for teachers and students. The teachers can place assignments, syllabus and notes and assign them to the students. They can also post important data, such as test dates, class schedule, etc. Students can log into the system and view their work. They can upload their assignments directly and the teachers can view them. Parents can log into the system and view their offspring’s profile. They can communicate with the teachers and be aware of their children’s performance. This allows for direct evaluation of the students, both by the parents and by the teachers, which in turn will help improve their performance.

Efficient school management software also manages the financial aspects of the institution. It collects details about the fees paid by each student, the salary given to the staff and the money received by the school, etc. All this done by one system yields a lot of financial gain and time savings for the school. Another important function of the school management software is the speed of communication it provides. The staff and student announcements and bulletins can be published directly on their profile wall and everything and can read it in no time. There is no such problem as not receiving important information.

Our school management software is made with PHP, open source software. This makes the system absolutely free. The updates are free to run and take little time to upgrade or customize. We absolutely recommend this system for the smooth functioning of the school.

Source by Aju As