GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) Do you suffer from Gad?

Below GAD means that the sick person always expects a negative result from everything they confront, that they often worry about health, finances, relationships or their careers.

The normal response to anxiety is to withdraw or withdraw from ‘normal’ activities, this reinforces for the anxious mind that it is OK for our anxiety to dictate and for us to change our joy of life to accommodate it … this is not acceptable.

GADis an anxiety disorder because, as already mentioned, without an underlying anxiety disorder, GAD cannot be present.

GADSick people have inappropriate and sometimes frighteningly disturbing thoughts, sometimes violent or sexual in nature – these can sometimes involve people who they would never engage in such actions, including members of their own family. Occasionally the thought of getting through the day awakens as soon as the sufferer wakes up.

As adrenaline levels are artificially raised through stressors, ultimately leading to a reset of our baseline anxiety levels, we may experience general or generalized anxiety.

This means that the body functions at a much higher level of anxiety, causing a whole list of anxious feelings, emotions and sensations.

What are the symptoms of GAD?

GADSick people can often feel light or breathless. They may also feel nauseous or often have to go to the bathroom. Generalized anxiety is constant and can cause anxiety / panic attacks during the day and night. Night anxiety and panic attacks are especially disturbing and can often awaken the sufferer from deep sleep and feel particularly scared. Night anxiety can be minimized with some practical steps that minimize the effects of such things as blood sugar levels during sleep.

This does not mean you have to rush to your doctor to get anxiety medication – in fact, on the contrary!

Anxiety is often mistakenly diagnosed as depression by doctors who are ‘knee-jerk’ reaction is reaching for a prescription pillow, not only is this premature, but totally inappropriate treatment for an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is not caused by a mental or physical illness and certainly not by a chemical imbalance that requires medical ‘correction’ … Anxiety disorder is a behavioral condition and cannot be removed by adding chemicals to the blood stream.