GFI Backup 2009 for database backup and recovery

Database backup and recovery is a very important direction in today’s computer domain. The steady increase in storage media flaws and increased information usage call for research and development of advanced database backup and recovery methods. Advanced database backup software offers a wide range of supported databases such as DB2 backup, PostgreSQL backup, Oracle backup, MySQL backup and FoxPro backup. Database backup software provides many useful functions for a database backup schedule. All people who need personal and business data security need excellent backup software solutions to protect their data.

Disasters can be invested, increasing the need for disaster recovery techniques. The disaster recovery process allows someone to recover system components after a disaster. Depending on the software used and how the backup process was performed, the recovery process can be a lot of work or very simple. Anyone making reasonable computer amounts will one day need program or data backups. The GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition provides excellent and easy-to-use backup software for all your database backup and recovery needs.

GFI Backup 2009 offers you a backup solution for your program settings, photos, documents, emails and music. Using a smart and simple wizard-driven interface to a wide variety of storage devices, GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition software has a lot to offer. The good news about this backup software is its easy availability. Moreover, it is downloadable, free and easy to use. Other unique features that make the software stand out from the crowd are the ability to protect all important files for free. Using the ZIP format that is widely used, data can be recovered in minutes. For all novice users, this backup software offers a wizard-driven interface that is very easy to use. In short, the software is fully equipped, efficient and fast and offers a perfect backup solution.

GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition also offers differential and incremental backups and can synchronize folders and files. Backup settings support a wide range of applications, while this backup software offers many options for backup storage. Other additional features that make the software very unique are the built-in task scheduler which is easy to use. The software also features predefined search filters and 256-bit encryption, which is one of the best encryption methods. You can backup the entire Windows registry with this software, which also provides you with an in-depth log for each backup operation.

Whether in a corporate environment or a PC, the GFI Backup Home Edition offers a free backup software solution for everyone. In addition to protecting all your data, this backup tool also provides a registry backup and can restore most application configurations in case of disaster. An advantage of this backup tool is that users can easily restore the configuration settings if they are destroyed. This backup software also preserves the structure of folders from their source. This software is best suited for corporate environments as it allows backup of data to an FTP server or network share. The software is also a perfect backup strategy because copies of stack backup can be kept and new file versions can replace the old ones backed up using the differential or incremental backup techniques. This backup software allows you to run backup schedules when the computer is shut down or started. Another unique quality of this software is the ability to reschedule and backup missed jobs even when the machine is turned off at a scheduled time. Try out this fully featured backup software solution and unravel the benefits it offers you.

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Source by Samuel J Brown