Growth revenue in chiropractic clinic with retail outlet sales

In 2006, two out of three chiropractors increased invoices (67%), while nearly ninety percent (88.3%) of chiropractors sold retail products to patients. At an average of $ 28.5 collections per Patient Visits (PVA), retail sales of products to patients remain an important source of revenue. But for junior practitioners with a humble patient growth record, point of service sales are the fastest way to increase practice revenue.

An added benefit of such sales is improved patient relationships. By offering your patients quality products that enrich their lives outside your office, you demonstrate your care. Your patients are reminded of you – and of your care about them – every time they use the products you sell them. Better patient loyalty means lower wear, frequent referrals and eventually improved profit.

Stick to known products. Offer products you use during your treatment. Offer things like topical painkillers, hot and cold packs, orthopedic pillows and supports, water-based pads, herbal packs, massage tools, lotions, oils, butchers, scrubs, aromatherapy, etc. that can be used in your office for the benefit of your patients daily.

Maintain exclusivity. Select products that are not available in retail stores. Patients feel special if you offer products they cannot find in the mass market.

exhibition. Set retail screens in both the waiting area and the treatment room. Make sure patients can feel, touch, try, read about the benefits of the products and ask you questions so you have an opportunity to talk about their benefits.

Manage accounting. Best billing systems handle both health claims and service center sales uniformly without imposing extra complexity on practice management. The challenge is to process health claims with insurance companies while leaving the sales register aside and still producing correct sales and balance reports for each patient.