Hadoop professional training and certification

Hadoop skills are worth shouting-this is an indisputable fact! Allied Market Research said that by 2021, the global Hadoop market may reach USD 84.6 billion. Big data will become bigger and bigger, so the development of big data technology is unstoppable, but Hadoop is an indispensable skill today because it is the hub of big data solutions for many enterprises, and new technologies such as Spark have evolved around Hadoop.

Therefore, someone here may ask, what is the scope of training under Hadoop?

• Hadoop training will enable real-time use cases in the retail, aviation, travel, and finance sectors to become experts in HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Zookeeper, Yarn, Oozie, Flume, and Sqoop.

• This course lays a solid foundation for your big data journey. After selecting the required data set, you will have the opportunity to work on a big data analysis project.

• Detailed understanding of big data analysis. The global big data analysis market is growing, and this strong growth model has created huge opportunities for all IT professionals.

• Practice actual projects using Hadoop and Apache Spark. Real-time analysis is a new hotspot in the market. After Hadoop training, having Apache Spark skills is a very popular learning method

• Mastering Hadoop management activities such as cluster management, monitoring, management, and troubleshooting, and configuring ETL tools such as Pentaho / Talend to use in conjunction with MapReduce are the future.

• Big data is the fastest growing and most promising technology for processing large amounts of data for data analysis. This Big Data Hadoop certification training course will help you get up and running with the most demanding professional skills.

• Hadoop practitioners are among the highest-paid IT professionals today, with salaries as high as $ 85K (source: indeed a job portal), and the market demand for them is growing rapidly.

• Leading different experts in the same field in terms of salary and benefits, and confirm that you understand the latest elements of Hadoop.

• Hadoop training from well-known education colleges can help you obtain Hadoop certification training courses, which in turn can help you build aspiring careers in cutting-edge technology.

Good news about using HADOOP certification training courses as the basis of software

Hadoop training certification proves that you have demonstrated your ability as a Hadoop developer. Hadoop certification training courses are a combination of Hadoop developers, Hadoop administrators, Hadoop testing and analysis training courses. It is designed by industry experts and takes into account the current industry job requirements to provide in-depth learning about big data and Hadoop modules. The organization is working hard to recruit Hadoop developers. Business enterprises that are accepting Hadoop need to confirm that the people they hire have the ability to process their petabytes of information and can develop Hadoop tools.

Certification is the proof of this ability, and given the above affirmation, making you a reliable and conscious individual.

People who should consider Hadoop certification courses

• Programming developers and architects

• Experienced professional staff and BI / ETL / DW professionals

• Big data Hadoop developers are eager to learn other fields, such as testing, analysis, management

• Developers and architects

• Senior IT and testing professionals

• Mainframe professionals

• Graduates and graduate students

Therefore, in order to achieve excellent results in Apache Hadoop training technology, it is recommended that at least Java basic knowledge must be learned.


Source by Manzoor KP