Hospital management system

Hospital management systems have two user levels: –

• Administrator level

• User level

This system includes:

• Maintain patient data.

• Providing recipes, precautions and dietary advice.

• Providing and maintaining all kinds of tests for a patient.

• Billing and report generation.

Hospital management systems can be used in any hospital, clinic, pharmacy or pathology laboratory to track patient data and their test results.

The main facilities available in this project are:

Keeping records of patients inside and outside.

Maintenance of patient diagnostic data, advised to perform tests.

Providing various testing facilities to a physician for patient diagnosis.

• X-ray

• Urine test

• Stool test

• Ultrasound test

• Gastroscopy test

• Colonoscopy test

• Blood test

• Biochemistry test

Maintain patient input records.

Maintaining the patient’s prescription, drug and dietary advice.

Provide billing information for patients indoors and outdoors.

Enforcement of backup of data according to user requirements (between said data).

If the user forgets his / her password, it can be retrieved with a hint question.

In this project, the collection of data comes from different pathology laboratories.

Results of tests, recipes, precautions and dietary advice are automatically updated in the database.

Related test reports, patient data report, prescription and billing reports can be generated according to user requirements.

The user or administrator can search a patient’s file by name / registration date.

General description

Objectives of this system: –

• Planned approach to work: – Hospital management systems working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data is properly stored in the database, which helps both retrieve and store information.

• Accuracy: – The accuracy level in the hospital management system will be higher. All actions would be performed correctly and it ensures that all information coming from the center is accurate.

• Reliability: – The reliability of the hospital management system will be high for the reasons stated above. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that there would now be a good storage of information.

• No redundancy: – In the hospital management system, the main concern would be that no information is repeated anywhere, whether or not in storage. This would ensure economical use of storage space and consistency in the stored data.

• Immediate retrieval of information: – The main purpose of the hospital management system is to ensure fast and efficient retrieval of information. Any type of information is available when the user needs it.

• Immediate storage of information: – In a manual system, there are many problems to store the largest amount of information.

• Easy to operate: – The system must be easy to operate and must be designed to be developed in a short time and fit the user’s limited budget.

Source by Lakshendra Choudhary