How can computer science training get you jobs in computer science?

As the century moves toward the Big Data age, the requirement for data storage arises. Data storage was a major problem for industrial companies until a few days back when Hadoop and other such frameworks came to the rescue. After this problem was resolved, the focus shifted to the problem of processing this stored data. Computer science is a solution to this problem of data processing.

Data science in its very short form is the science of extracting insights and information from raw data using a mixture of different tools, algorithms and machine learning principles. This art of extracting insights from raw data has been thriving since ancient times, when Egyptians used census data to increase tax collection efficiency and predict the flood of the Nile River each year. The difference is, over time, data became big and this Big data needs data science to draw meaning and reveal patterns out of them. This Big Data is gaining importance in this modern age from its potential to help businesses improve their operations and make much faster and intelligent decisions.

Big data is on the rise and so is the demand for professionals with skills. The training enables people to pursue an interesting career as a Data Scientist. Analyzing widely complicated data requires training in the use of sophisticated data analysis tools, such as SQL or Python or R. The training enables the individual in data management technologies such as Hadoop, R, Flume, Sqoop, Machine learning, Mahout Etc and prepare them to the growing demand for Big data skills and technologies. Expertise in skills such as programming skills: R / Python, Java, statistics and applied mathematics, working knowledge of Hadoop and spark, databases: SQL and NoSQL, machine learning and neutral networks, proficiency in deep learning frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch and Creative Thinking and industry knowledge ensures a a better and competitive career.

Job opportunities created by Big Data not only pay handsome wages compared to other IT jobs, but spread across the leading industries in the world. The degree program allows you to apply for various data science job titles such as administrators, architects, visualizers, engineers, ecologists and the exciting salary these titles offer.

The Data Jobs market is growing with Top Fortune Companies such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, StumbleUpon, PayPal, to name a few, looking for data science experts. The training equips you with the required skills and knowledge in a career with a huge vacancy. Big Data is a road on which we are still nowhere near the end, which guarantees a long and successful career in Big Data.

The various educational institutes offer training programs and certifications in data science courses that allow individuals to pursue a bright career as a data science expert. With the ever-growing influence of Big Data across all industries, the sky is the limit for these professionals. Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Retail, Chemical, Agriculture, Media, E-Commerce, Manufacturing are among the few industries that now require Data Science experts.