How Computers Developed – History and generation of computers

The development of computers has been drastic and dramatic. Computers existed in the early 1950s, but people were not able to use them. When you mention the word computer, most people only think of a desktop computer, but in reality the computer starts with our calculator.

Therefore, a computer can be defined as an electronic device that enters, processes and transmits information. Let’s take in the case of a calculator when you add numbers you are example 1 + 1 = 2, now you want to enter data that is 1 + 1, this data will be processed through the add process to give us 2. Now 2 is the process information which is the output.

The first computers invented were very large, slow and time consuming with limited capabilities. The history of computers and have gone through different stages as they evolve from the first computers, before the first generation of computers we had ABACUS computers which were limited by their capabilities

The first generation was developed in the early 1940s with their architect based on massive electronic value. They were vacuum tube dependent and without this they would not work, from the first generation of computers came in the second generation of computers which were better than the first generation of computers to perform electronic calculation but were still slow, an example of this second generation was ABM 7000 series.

As the computer continued to evolve for generations, people became more knowledgeable about them and the invention kept getting better, and because of this, the third computer generation was realized, these computer generations were powerful than the first and second generation of computers and uses integrated circuit usually known as IC. An example of the third generation of computers was the IBM 360 series.

The third generation of computers led to the fourth generation of computer history, with this generation the electronic function became better, more efficient and more enjoyable with relatively minor errors compared to the previous computer. And these are the computers used in our daily activities. They also use Integrated Circuit IC for their daily operations. The fourth generation of the computer will lead to the fifth generation of the computer, which will be more powerful and the ability to take instruction from people. This is known as artificial intelligence, in some cases robots are used to do certain work that was done by humans.